Do You Need “Gentle Waves” In Your Home?

Waves, water, gentle. See the pattern here? This is what the Water Element is all about. Just to refresh your memory, I’ll be talking about the Water Element for the Winter. There are hundreds of blues to choose from but which ones represent the Element of Water? Come see.


Water as you know flows. Ever see a creek in the woods or a small stream? Its sound alone is calming right? This is what water does, it calms.

When our days get crazy from the hustle and bustle of work, family and money matter, it can cause havoc on our body. Here comes the stress headaches, the upset stomach and like the commercial says, the diarrhea. What happens to us??????

When we hold onto stress it creates blocks in our body, our Chakras exactly but that’s a whole other topic. By the time our Chakras are out of balance, our physical body is already screaming.

How do we fix this? With the Element of Water and color. There are many ways to help actually but for today, let’s focus on water and color.

Bringing the right color into the home will certainly calm. You all know how the Coastal Colors feel right? Well this is taking those colors up a notch.

Think of a gentle wave, just like the color says. It flows up and down, softly from side to side. The sound is a soothing one with a visual of soft round ebbs and flows of water. I bet you’re relaxed already just buy that description. Did you picture it in your mind? I know I did as I typed it.

This is what the Holistic approach to color is all about. It helps us FEEL better, calmer, happier and in the long run, healthier.

Water plays a HUGE part in all this. The sound of it, the sight of it and event the smell of it all contributes to and benefits our health.

Color does this too. Choose the blues that resonate with you on a calm level. Think water. Here, Gentle Wave from Valspar taps into that clear Caribbean blue water you know so well and want to just live in for the rest of your life.

If you love that feeling so much, why would you NOT bring it into your home?

When you do and I hope you use this amazing color somewhere in your home, think of the Water Element and how it relaxes you. Use this color in the part of the home that has a tendency to be a little stressful. Just looking at this color on the wall will instantly relax you.

This is color. This is the amazing world of Holistic hues for the home. Try them and see how they feel in your home.

If you need help getting a Holistic, calming feel into your home, let me know and I can design a color palette for you that actually feels like it’s part of you. I have a seasonal special on sale now on my Virtual Designs for just $200. Email me of course to confirm details.

Stay tuned for more on the Water Element.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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9 Responses to Do You Need “Gentle Waves” In Your Home?

  1. Rebecca Neustel says:


  2. Donna Bracey says:

    I used this color in my basement and have a coastal theme. There’s no natural light but still looks great.I live in Midwest and don’t even live near water but all came to gether when I found two huge posters of tbe beach at a garage sale.I love reading your blog!

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Thank you so much Donna! This would be a great color for a room that has little or no light. Why? Because it isn’t in the ‘gray’ family. Color Stories by Benjamin Moore although expensive, are great for this type of room as well. So glad it works for you! It’s like your little coastal hide-away 🙂

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