Where Should You Use Yellow In The Home?

Yellow is not a very popular color choice in the home. I know I’ve only used it a handful of times during my 30+ years of Interior Design. Why is that? Because it’s a high energy color.


Think about your day for a moment. The average person wakes up early in the morning, runs to the kitchen for coffee, wakes the kids up, get showered, throws down some breakfast, worries about what to wear to work, one of the kids just got sick now your plans just changed, the dog just ate the remote and this goes on and on and on.

Did I just describe your day? Do you want to come home after a high stress day and stare at yellow? I believe you just said “heck no!”

This is one main reason the Coastal Color Palette is so popular, because it FEELS good.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather see this color or something close to it. Wouldn’t you? The name alone even helps … stillness … ahh, feel that?


Yellow does have its place in the home. Think about this. What part of your home NEEDS energy and some ‘get up and go?” Maybe in your office where you work on the bills? Nothing is more of a snore than writing out checks. Get some form of yellow, and it doesn’t have to be this bright, in your office to give you a charge to get in and get out. I’ve seen so many offices a horrible shade of gray. Now gray alone is just gross to me and if I were writing bills in a gray office, well honestly, I’d probably throw up. Yes it has that effect on me.

If you’re like most people and are not a fan of yellow, use it  in little doses in the kitchen. A yellow tea-pot is super cute. Echo that same yellow into some dishes, towels and curtains and that’s enough energy for that space. It’s easy on the eye and emotions.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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9 Responses to Where Should You Use Yellow In The Home?

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  2. Rebecca Neustel says:

    I love yellow, but I seem to be different than most people today in that I love color, hate gray and am not find of big white walls!

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Lol, well you pretty much described how I feel about some colors.

      Gray – I still feel is one color that should not be in the home. It’s depressing, way too neutral to feel good and it’s a really bad idea for people who have certain health issues. Rebecca, you are not alone when it comes to these feelings about gray. MANY of my clients are contacting em because they want gray OUT of the home. Worst color trend ever!

      Yellow saved my life when I lived in Pittsburgh. The cold, gray days lasted forever and I spun into a depression one February like nobody’s business. I grabbed a hold of myself, painted my LR walls, GOLD BUFF by Behr and is instantly turned things around. Gold is a VERY healing color.

      I don’t even want to get into white. I also eliminated all the white in my homes from ceiling to doors. Ivory or soft white is like a hug from a cloud but true stark white – just hurts.

      You’re awesome – thank you for your comment 🙂

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  4. Donna Bracey says:

    When we switched from dark oak to cream cupboards I was so much happier.color affects me very much.I dont get tbe grey either. If it is done well it can be nice but I’ve been looking at some houses for sale and since grey is supposed to be neutral and trendy I am seeing it a lot and through tbe whole main areas and not warm grey either.my Sister has no appitude for color and let someone talked her into a grey bedroom and bathroom and she has depression.I can hardly stand to go in there.she also painted her kitchen a very grey green and she loves color! She has these colorful fruit dishes that she loves-whoever talked her into this should be shot! can you tell I’m mad!! So Donna, your a blessing to a lot of people!

    • Donna Frasca says:

      I stay away from gray like the plague! I was so horrified when this trend came in. Now there are some grays that are ok and they are the warmer ones but still, so many people have depression and ANY gray or even a certain blue, will trigger that.

      Now yellow does the opposite of gray. I even used a gold in my home when I lived in PGH because there just wasn’t enough sunny days there. GOLD BUFF from Behr saved my life lol.

      And from one Donna to another, thank you ❤

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