How To Choose Color For Open Floor Plans

Choosing the right colors for an open floor plan can be challenging. Here I made up a little plan for you to follow. I’ll show you how it works.


In many homes that have open floor plans, you’ll be able to see up to four rooms the second you open the door. Here is where your wow factor will be. Will you scare your guests away or invite them in?

I made a formula for open floor plans that I’ve been using for years. It’s really fool proof. Let me walk you through it.

A – Let’s start with A and ceiling color. Most of these homes are large, 3500 square feet or more. Unify the entire home with the same ceiling color and it doesn’t have to be “ceiling white.” I actually prefer an ivory or super soft white compared to the cold, stark white of most ceilings. You can add a little color to your dining room ceiling if it’s a tray ceiling otherwise just keep it classic and soft. No need to call attention up to a ceiling. That’s just my opinion. Keep the focus IN the room not ABOVE it.

B & E As you walk to many homes, there is one room on the left and one room on the right. These two room can be the same tone or weight in color. Dining rooms are nice when they have a decent color kick but to balance the home, the room on the other side should have the same weight otherwise your home will feel lopsided when you walk in.

C – You don’t have to start with the foyer color. Go ahead and choose the other colors in your home. When you get to the foyer and hallways, keep it light BUT make sure it shares the same undertone as the other colors. Warm verses cool here.

D – Now here, there’s a good chance your living room will open into the kitchen. Make sure the color you choose here ties in the colors that are in your countertop. It’s just a super easy way to keep a cohesive look here.

So, keep your colors balanced and all must be the same undertone of course. Warm colors or colors that have warm undertones work well with most flooring and cabinet colors.

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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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