The Best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette For Your Home UPDATED!

How can you update a color palette that’s been working so well? Easy! When a client says, “can you substitute the yellow for a different color? I’m not a fan of yellow.” Well I did just that and the palette is even better! Not many people are a fan of yellow so now, we have another option and I love this one even better actually. Here is the original The Best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette for Your Home, If you’d like this palette or the original, I did the hard work for you and already designed a palette that works. The palettes are $100 each. Email me for details at

the best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color palette for your home updated

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4 Responses to The Best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette For Your Home UPDATED!

  1. Rebecca Neustel says:

    I love yellow, but this color scheme is really beautiful!

  2. Donna Frasca says:

    Yellow was and is a hard sell. I always had to adjust that color for clients – replacing it is perfect!

  3. Rebecca Neustel says:

    That’s why we’re painting away all the yellow out of our house when we put it on the market next year. We aren’t repainting with white, though. That just seems to be too lifeless.

  4. Donna Frasca says:

    I agree with you about the white. It just reminds me too much of hospitals.

    Now the yellow is a tough one there are VERY few really nice yellows out there. Most are way too close to gold which is dated or beige which is worse. I wish someone would create a true yellow and call it Southern Charm – you know like the amazing Souther Mansions that had that nice warm yellow with white accents? Just can’t find it.


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