How To Use Bold Color In Your Living Room

I usually don’t share client information but this one was a must. It’s EXTREMELY rare when clients ask for bold color for their home. Here’s how to pull that look off.

Bold color for your home

This by the way, is a sample of the images I design when you have a virtual color consultation. See how I outline all the colors and where they go? I give you several color choices for your space based on flooring, decor and the adjoining rooms.

This room has very high ceilings and a very dark floor. Bold color is so needed here otherwise the flooring will stick out like a sore thumb and be the first thing you see when you enter this room – which is not good.

By using stronger color in this living room, you are anchoring the flooring to the wall color and working these two elements together.

The navy accent wall gives this space interest and will be the color to echo in decor and accessories.

The kitchen is a very light gray. I didn’t choose the color for that room but I certainly would have given it more color to balance out the living room – something warmer at least.

As much as I’m not a fan of gray, Samovar Silver probably will be a good choice for this room with Antler Velvet a close runner up.

This service is $200. Email me at


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