4 Easy Steps To Get Professional Color For Your Home

Virtual color consultations are fun, easy and affordable. Who would think that you can get professional color advice that works, in the comfort of your home office? Well you can! Come see how these 4 easy steps can get you the colors you need for your home.



Let me take you step by step on how this process works.

This is the information I need from you:

  1. Send me pictures of the spaces / rooms that you need color for. Be sure to include the flooring, countertops and cabinet colors if it’s the kitchen. If you have a new home and have a real estate listing, send that. If you have a floor plan, send that as well. Some of my clients even sketched a layout of their home so I can see how the house flows.
  2. ID each room when you send me the photos and tell me what look you want or what color you are thinking about for that space.
  3. Tell me what paint brand you’d like to work with. I can work with ANY paint company even if I don’t have the paint deck in front of me. As long as they have a website where I can see their color palettes, I can get you 95% there. I work mostly with Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. I know these colors well.
  4. Tell me where you live so I know how the lighting is in your part of the world.



  • You get professional color advice for your home without anyone coming into your home or you taking time off from work. I know your time is precious and I also know that there is always a risk when you invite a stranger into your home. Back in the day there were some homes that I had to leave because I felt uneasy. Safety always comes first.
  • Virtual color consultations are affordable. I’ve been running a $200 promo (for most homes) since the beginning of the year and it’s working out great! My clients are happy with the pricing and it works well for me too.
  • From the time you submit payment, you get your first color palette within 24 hours. In 95% of cases, these virtual consultations are complete within a week.
  • We can chat as much as you’d like via email. I prefer email instead of the phone, this way I have an electronic file of your notes. I will answer as many questions as you’d like until you’re comfortable with this process.
  • I send you simple graphics like the one I have above that are easy to understand. Here I include the name and number of each color and I show you where the color goes. If you have a home with many angles I will provide a graphic with little arrows in it to show you exactly where the colors goes. It’s like a paint by number. You can print out these graphics so your paint contractor can have all the color information.


  • The colors will vary from what you see on the computer to the actual color chip. This cannot be helped. Each computer is calibrated differently. One of the criteria for these virtual consultations are that you MUST sample the colors before painting. Looking at just the colors I send you and the names is not enough and although I will get you 95% to where you need to be, I want you to be 100% sure before you paint.
  • Lighting will forever be an issue. I can give you the best color palette in the world but if you have improper lighting, nothing will make your new paint color look it’s best. You HAVE to have proper lighting with the right bulbs for your home. Believe it or not I’ve had a few clients who only had one or two windows in their entire home. In this case lighting will be your friend.
  • As awesome as this process is, it’s a little odd when you think about it. Here you are giving $200+ to a person who you haven’t met and who will not come to your home to choose color for you. That’s kinda funny don’t you think? This is where trust comes in. If you just Google Donna Frasca Decorating by Donna and go to IMAGES you’ll see I’ve been around the block a while. Lots of experience!


In my opinion, the PROS so outweigh the CONS.  If I were a client looking for professional color help my #1 concern would be safety and the time I’d have to spend throughout this entire process.

With my virtual consults, it’s all based around YOUR time and schedule. The price is affordable, you know you’re going to get the best color possible for your home and quickly too, so what’s not to like?

Email me at DecoratingbyDonna@mac.com to start your Virtual color consultation today.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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