6 Insights From 2018 You Need To Read Before Even Thinking About Color For 2019

Are you ready for a colorful 2019? Well before you get your paintbrush in hand, let’s recap some color insights that we learned in 2018.  I listed some interesting facts about color that you might enjoy. I so look forward to new color shifts, new ways, and places to add accent colors to the home and breaking away from trends altogether and tapping into our intuitive colorful selves! Let’s begin!


Color was awesome for 2018 but will be way better in 2019. We’re tapping into self and how we feel. Let’s take a look at some color insights before we begin 2019

1 – GRAY. This was the most welcoming insight for 2018. People are FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY done with gray! The 100% gray home was not only a HUGE mistake but it was detrimental for so many people because of how gray felt to them. I actually read on a Benjamin Moore post on Facebook that gray in the home reminded them of a rotting corpse! OMG! Can you imagine that feeling and imagery in the home? I also had clients with emotional issues ask me to help them “make their home feel good again” and get the gray out of their home. Are we eliminating gray altogether? Of course not but it certainly should NOT be the main color of home (saw a lot of this for staged homes which would be a NOT SALE for me). Let’s put gray on the back burner for 2019.

2 – COASTAL COLORS.  Yes, the coastal colors are STILL going strong. They definitely had a presence for 2018 but had an interesting twist to it. People were seeking the soothing palettes of (there were almost 81K views for the Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette coastal colors but were asking to tweak them just a bit and make them “earthy” or “comforting” which meant to add a few more darker hues to the palette. These darker colors were taupes (some type of gray but a much warmer, unrefined color that blended well with the coastal hues) and spicy orange which looked awesome with blues and greens. Will coastal colors still have a presence for 2019? I don’t see this color palette ever going away but I do see some new colors that will be added to the palette to bring it a new life and interest for 2019.

3 – INTUITION. Now this for me, was a very welcomed surprise. As I get more and more into the “intuitive” part of “Intuitive Color Expert” I was pleased to see a VERY welcoming response. Email after email was received from people appreciating how I tapped into the real feeling of what they wanted for their home. It’s not just pulling colors out of a hat or Googling the top 10 most used colors in the home – yikes who would even want to do that? It’s about being able to connect with people and their energy to really feel what it is that they not only want for their home but what they need. This is the icing on the cake when it comes to standing out from all the other “color experts” because Baby, I was born this way

4 – COLOR NAMES. Boy did I get grief from this one lol! If you look at some of the comments on my posts that have color palettes you’ll see some people getting SO mad because I don’t mention the names of the colors in my palettes. If you look a little deeper on this blog you’ll see that I don’t mention the names of my color palettes because that is what Decorating by Donna is all about. This is also mentioned in many of the actual posts, it’s how I make my living peeps! Will I be mentioning the names of colors in my palettes in 2019? Once in a while I do but for the most part, no, it’s not going to happen. If you are tired of making the same color mistakes over and over again and don’t want to waste time in the paint store figuring it all out, then I am here for you. All those comments of people complaining will not be published in 2019. I’m thriving for a continued high vibe on this site and I will be more than happy to extend my expertise to you for a reasonable fee. Speaking of fees, the $200 promo for 2018 was a great success! There will be a slight increase in this promo for 2019 – ALL Virtual color consultations will be just $250 for any size home! How ’bout them apples?

5 –  SEA SALT. This color surprisingly still has a decent amount of staying power. Why? Because Sea Salt seems to be the perfect blend of blue, green, gray and falls perfectly into the Coastal Color scheme. Sea Salt can be used in so many ways from the typical coastal look or you can update with some new hues that you don’t normally see it paired up with. Will we see it in 2019? Yes, I’ll make sure of that but it will be seen with a new look, a new twist. Stay tuned!

6 – HEALING COLORS. Now, this was a BIG and I mean a BIG part of 2018 colors. I posted tons about Holistic Hues for the home, healing colors and the energy of color. This does tie in with the Intuitive colors but it goes a bit deeper. There are colors and then there are COLORS. I’m noticing that not only myself but so many people are becoming more sensitive and that includes being color sensitive as well. I’ve gotten emails saying “I’m color sensitive” so certain colors had to be avoided and even the flow of color in the home had to be subtle and unnoticeable. Start treating color like the #1 design element in the home and turn your house into a home. Make it feel good! Make each room tap into your emotions that need to be highlighted for that space. Work WITH color, not against it.


So there you have it. Six insights about color that were prominent for 2018. These factors will of course spill into 2019 but I am going to give you a teaser about the topics that will be coming up for 2019.

1 – Living With The Four Main Elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water and how to tap into the colors of these elements and bring them into the home. These four elements alone basically govern how our body feels and how we act and react in life. It’s a big subject and color is a major part of all of this!

2 – Chakra colors. I did mention this a bit in 2018 but I will be digging much deeper into how to decorate the home with the chakras in mind. Since I’m a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, knowing about your chakras, what they do, what color they are and how to keep them balanced is key to being healthy. These Chakra colors will NATURALLY heal the home just by looking at certain colors. VERY excited to be digging into this!

There will more more amazing topics to write about. If you want to know about a certain topic please contact me at DecoratingbyDonna@mac.com and I’ll be sure to add it here. Hope you all have a happy, healthy and holistic new year because together, we can make our home a happy, healing domicile.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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