A Color Palette Designed For Resale

The other day I had a client who sent me an email asking for a color palette designed for resale. He had a 3500 square foot McMansion, the kids were out and it was time to downsize. This client oddly still had the original contractors beige in his home and it so needed to be changed. Having that same beige color throughout the house could really hurt his potential sales.

Since it was a virtual design, I set it up this way so he could see the entire color palette at first glance.


Master Bedroom: This was a large room and I went with a blue, still a very favorable color for the master bedroom. Keeping in mind that there are usually two people, traditionally male and female, so the color here had to be pleasing for both. Blue is the #1 color that men prefer and this one, is not too masculine so she will like it as well.

Master Bathroom: Now here is the space where I cater more so towards her. The master bath in this particular home was very large and had a tile in it that was hard to coordinate a blue with. The natural progress here would be to use a color that matched the bedroom of course but had to be a little warmer to blend in with the tile. The two colors of the master bed and bathroom look gorgeous together.

Bedrooms: While we are still on the upper floor of this home, I chose the same color for the remaining three bedrooms. It’s not a beige and it’s not a yellow. This color is light, bright and just a great “happy” color which is what we want for resale. It will also go with most furniture and decors.

BONUS / PLAYROOM:  The bonus room can be used for so many things from a media room to a playroom so here, a color has to be chosen to be quite flexible. This warm green will do the trick.

OPEN FOYER: As we move downstairs, many homes have open foyers that go from the front door and shares space with the second floor. This color HAS to blend with ALL colors of the home for this reason alone. Plus is should remain fairly light since it covers some much area in the home. Once of the only places I’d tolerate a light, warm gray in the home.

KITCHEN / LIVNG ROOM: I don’t like to have a ton of colors in my color palettes for the home. Who wants to buy a dozen gallons of colors for their home? I try to reuse between 6-7 colors throughout the house and this is fine because each color looks different depending on the room it’s in. Having said that, I used the master bathroom color in the main part of this open concept floor plan and it looked awesome!

TRIM: This is one color that I use almost 100% of the time for trim and ceiling color. I VERY rarely use white. This soft white (it’s a Sherwin Williams color) is so warming and really makes the home feel so nice!


About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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