Which Colors Will Be Friends In My Home? When Undertones Fight

Just like family members, we all don’t get a long and that goes for colors too. Yea I know that sounds silly but it’s true! I’m working on some virtual color palettes this week and the homeowner has carpeting, tile and trim throughout the home that has a pink undertone.


Sure he can paint the trim but he’s will he change the tile and carpeting just to get the warm color palette he wants?

If there are two hues that look HORRIBLE together it’s yellows and pinks. By this I mean tile in the home homes that have pink undertones and a warm paint that may go with it.


This type of tile is dreaded to work with! Why? Because 9/10 the client wants a warm or coastal color palette and those colors will not work with this tile. Most of the time grays with pink undertones are chosen and the walls take on a chocolate milk appearance.

Look at the kitchen cabinets. They have a yellow undertone. Now look at flooring in the kitchen, it has a pink undertone. See? They do not get along.

What are the options here?

OPTION 1 – Mauves? Cool grays and blues? Off whites and creams?

OPTION 2 – choose a warm color palette that the client wanted and have it clash with the carpeting that “may” be replaced someday OR choose a color palette that ties in all the tile and pinky undertones and have the house not look the best it can be.




About Donna Frasca, Intuitive

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