How Can Red Help Heal Back Pain?

Red is a very high energy color, full of passion and color that most of us don’t have in the home because if it’s intensity. Now other than this Benjamin Moore color being a power color, red has the ability to help heal your body and it starts with your lower body. Have back pain? Red to the rescue!


Wow, that’s one pretty color! I happen to love red. Ok, now I’m going to dive right in and get to the point about how red can help heal your back pain. How you ask? This all has to do with your Chakras.

Your Root or Base Chakra is located right by your pubic bone and it is red. This Chakra represents the seat of your survival on the physical level, physical vitality, grounding, stability, financial matters, security, and your foundation. That sounds like a lot of gibberish if you’re not family with your Chakras so I’ll break it down for you a bit. Then I’ll explain how you can use red in your home to start to heal some of your lower body aliments.

Since the Root Chakra is located in the pelvis or hip section, when it gets out of balance the body parts that begin to manifest pain will originate in that area. This includes but is not limited to:

  • your bones
  • back pain
  • hip pain
  • spine disorders
  • lower body
  • genitals
  • kidney
  • bladder
  • anus
  • legs
  • and blood disorders

As you can see that all those body parts I mentioned are in your lower body area where your Root Chakra resides. Chakras are a huge subject and I can’t explain it all here so make sure you Google Chakras and read up on what they are all about.

So when your Root Chakra is out of balance you’ll begin to notice issues in those areas but don’t fret, you can begin to self heal yourself and yes it starts with the color red.

I love these Holistic posts because if there is a way where I can make myself feel better you know that I’m going to do it. I’m the last to go running to the Dr. who is just going to give me a pill. All that does is put a band-aid on the issue instead of healing the reason all the paint started in the first place.

So yes, your Chakras can be out of balance. How do you know yours is out of balance? Our Chakras govern our mind, body, and spirit so, in the sector of the mind and spirit, you may also be feeling some of these symptoms along with the physical ailments I listed above.

  • feel fear
  • jealousy
  • mistrust
  • have too much focus on the material world
  • feel out of place and ungrounded
  • feel insecure or unsafe
  • have addictions
  • feel unattached to family and relationships

Now let’s talk about red. When we do Chakra work and self-healing, this is where color comes in. Since the Root Chakra is red, we are going to focus on all that is red from what you wear to what you eat and even adding red elements to your home.

I’ll quickly say that to easily start balance your Root Chakra, eat all the foods that are red. While doing so, stay focused on everything I listed here and know that with every bite you take, your Root Chakra is being worked on. As you do this, you begin to not only balance your Chakra but to heal your body.

Some food to eat that is red: beets, apples, strawberries, rhubarb, red meats, pomegranate, cherries.

Along with food, crystals, gems, and stones will also do the trick. Bloodstone, rubies, and garnet just to name a few.

What’s in your closet? Yup! you guessed it! Get that redshirt out or ladies if you have red pumps start rocking them!

Now my favorite part of Chakra healing is getting these colors into the home. I’ll eventually be going through all seven major Chakras so enjoy this holistic, colorful ride for the next few weeks.

Look at this. How beautiful right? Yes! Bring on the red in your home. This is HUGE when it comes to the healing, holistic home. Every time you see red, think Root Chakra. When your Base is strong, the rest of your Chakras will have a good foundation.


Don’t be afraid to add red to your home. You can add little bits in the form of a teapot or if you want to go bold choose red bedding. Eventually, you can work up to a red accent wall or a beautiful red sofa.

The main point here and with the blog posts to follow, are intentions. Focus your mind, body, and spirit on the color red and what it now represents to you. Daily Chakra work is normal since most of us have unbalanced Chakras most of the time. The thing to keep in mind is to take baby steps and take your time when bringing these holistic hues into your home.

Welcome! You just began your journey to self-healing. Stay tuned for more to come.

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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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8 Responses to How Can Red Help Heal Back Pain?

  1. lindaglovinghome says:

    Love, love, love RED!!!!! Great Post.

    • It’s one of my faves too Linda and I bet you have a strong Root Chakra! I’ll be posting 6 more posts like this one that will cover all the colors in our Chakra system and how color can help us heal. Be sure to check back 🙂

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