What Color Should I Paint My House If I’m Going To Sell It?

Should you paint your house beige? Gray? White? These are the popular choices but which one is the best choice to sell your home quickly?

Let’s explore your choices.


I’ve written several posts on What Color Should I Paint My Home and would like to add one more. As color trends change, people change too and the desired staging color that was once popular is no longer the go to hue. Here’s why.

I LOVE looking at Realestate listings so I can see the inside of homes and the colors that people choose, it’s the next best thing to watching Netflix lol.

Anyway, not only do I notice the staging trends but I’m listening to what my clients are asking me. Many, if not all, want a color palette for their home that they can live in now but will also be desirable for when they sell it in a few years.

Who says that our home HAS to be one overall color when we sell it? To me, that is one of the first things I’d look at inside the home – the color. Is it all one lifeless gray color, boring beige or a gray that is so dark even lighting won’t help?

Here are some examples that I’ve seen in homes.

Here we have a cool gray. It’s a popular choice in homes but is it the best choice? I have included an image of a typical kitchen and one that is common in the standard cookie cutter homes. It’s shown with the warm, oaky cabinets, stainless appliances and a busy ceramic flooring.

Gray is a popular choice when staging the home but as you know, there are SO many grays to choose from and the cools ones, would be last on the list.

Most homes have wood, granite and flooring in warm undertones. When you use a cool gray such as this one along with the warm tones in the home, it clashes big time. They are not friends in color.  Although this gray looks nice with the appliances, it ends there. This is a busy kitchen and the new potential homeowner will have to up their budget to update this kitchen.


Here is the same room but with a beige wall color. Am I a fan of beige? No, not really but it’s an acceptable color when staging the home. Be careful that the beige you choose is not too yellow. See the wall color in the photo? It’s too yellow. Keep it soft, light and airy, very close to this one.


Here is another possibility. It’s a light sage green which is considered a neutral as well. It will blend with most warm undertones in the house yet have a slight indication of color to give the home a nice energy.


Now this horrific color I actually have seen SO many times in a staged home. If I walked into a home and saw this all over the house I’d walk right back out. This gray is too dark, lifeless and hits me like a ton of bricks. So many people are sensitive to color and I know this because my virtual clients are telling me.

Some clients even said that they don’t want a color that looks like a cadaver in their home. Now try to unsee that! This is just such a poor color choice but it’s what happens when you have your paint contractor “stage” your home for you.


I am so looking forward to when everyone chooses Holistic colors for the home and not just the trendy colors. Colors have energy, meaning and feeling and people do pick up on these little notations.

Choosing color on your walls when you are selling can be either the nail in the coffin or the icing on the cake. Take your time and do research for your color options. What is best for your home? For the potential homeowners? Just think twice before using gray.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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