How Can Yellow Strengthen My Personal Power, Joy and Empowerment?

Are you enjoying this Chakra series? Color has some reach and it’s not just pigment for your walls, it’s for your Mind, Body and Spirit. Not a fan of yellow? Maybe you will be after this post.


We all want to be confident in what we do in life right? I know I do but there are those days when our self confidence just goes right out the window.

Tucked away in our gut, right above our belly button is our Solar Plexus. This is our powerhouse of ego, joy and empowerment. Sometimes we have a little too much and sometimes not enough.


Now the great thing about yellow is that it’s super easy to incorporate into the home however, I know for a fact that this is one hue that is a hard sell in the home. Not many people are fans of yellow. This one is more on the beige side but still will be a “Solar Plexus” yellow.


Why should we have yellow in the home and where should it be? These are two great questions.

1 – Why should we have yellow in the home?

  • To boost self confidence
  • To have a strong self esteem
  • To be happy and joyful
  • To have the motivation to reach goals
  • To have a strong sense of self control
  • For strong direction and drive
  • To develop self worth
  • To have a strong sense of power and free will

2 – Where could yellow be in the home? Now keep in mind, this is a strong, high energy color. 

  • In the bedroom but just as occasional accent splashes
  • In the kids playroom (not if children have ADHD)
  • Touches in the kitchen for a morning “get up and go”
  • Bathroom towels for an instant uplift
  • Flowers throughout the home for joy
  • For your home office when your leadership skills need to be highlighted
  • In art throughout the home to bring you joy, happiness and to give you that “feel good” sense.


Keep in mind that “yellow” in this case, will encompass a wide range of color from beige to gold, it doesn’t have to be sunshine yellow in order to tap into this chakra.

Which yellow do I suggest? There are so many but one of my faves is from the Color Stories collection of Benjamin Moore.

The best Benjamin Moore Yellow

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About Donna Frasca, Intuitive I am an Intuitive Color Expert which really encompasses a lot. I've given myself the hashtag #FromColorToTheCosmos which really is me to the T
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