Selling or Updating Your Home? This Hottest Flooring Trend Will Be the Dealbreaker

I am currently putting in new flooring in my home. So many homeowners are gravitating towards the vinyl planking. It looks like wood, is waterproof, goes right over existing tile or wood and is great if you have pets. I’m watching the homes on my block that are for sale that have 12×12 tile in the kitchen and standard Gunstock engineered wood in the LR with some carpet and guess what? It’s not selling! The home across the street who put in GORGEOUS vinyl planks throughout – sold in a NY second. Everyone things that wood is the best but it’s not! Since most homeowners have dogs, it scratches and is a BIG problem if fido has an accident. Vinyl plank flooring – the flooring to have in the home and I can’t wait to get mine next week!

Photo credit: Discount Floor Covering Outlet, Inc.

Want to sell your home fast? This flooring is a must

The hottest flooring trend now. Say good bye to wood!

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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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8 Responses to Selling or Updating Your Home? This Hottest Flooring Trend Will Be the Dealbreaker

  1. Well this is good to hear! I’m getting that vinyl plank flooring in my kitchen soon! You know, the tree incident. I’ve got it picked out already and can’t wait! Is the photo the color your getting? So pretty!

  2. I don’t think that’s the exact color but it’s similar. I’m so glad you’re getting it too – I’m going to put it in my 20×24 art studio too! I can’t wait to see your renovations!

  3. Interesting. I wonder if it comes in something that isn’t imitating the wood look?

  4. You’d have to look at your local flooring store for that information – great product though

  5. LVP is definitely the wave of the future. I currently have hardwood in my condo and we’re putting luxury vinyl plank down in our brand new build. (Well, we’re having them put down vinyl then we’re dropping LVP on top of it.) The fact that it’s so much more durable against life makes it the better choice in almost any scenario – but especially when you’re going to sell your house.

  6. Oh good for you Stephanie! Do you have a dog? I have four cats that constantly get rid of hair balls and clean up was always an issue. I can only image how easy it is for people who own dogs. We are saving SO much money on tear out too – this product goes right on top of existing flooring like you said. They also have great warrantees.

  7. Yup. The dog is the number one reason why we are getting it. The fact that my husband does flooring for a living and he loves it is number 2😂

  8. Oh that’s fantastic! All our friends who have real wood floors that are now all scratched and stained, we are chuckling inside knowing we have resilient flooring that looks just like real wood 😆

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