Which Gray Should I Choose For My Home? 5 Tips That Will Help You Choose The Right One

The gray trend is definitely on its way out but there are still some homes that are staged in this very precarious color for the home. Here are a few tips to think about IF and only IF you need to choose gray for your home.


TIP 1 – Most homes have warm gray tiles in the kitchen very much like the ones shown above or your basic 12×12 beige tile. If you choose a warm gray for your home (See the graphic below Sea Salt CSP -95), see if you can find that gray in the tile that you have, this will tie everything in. Choosing a cool gray will fight with it.

TIP 2 – If there is anyone in your home that suffers from any depression issues, I’d stay away from ALL gray, warm, color or otherwise. It is not an uplifting, healing color which is why I really don’t like to have it in the home. It’s ok for decor such as a sofa but not for a main wall color, which brings me to the next tip.

TIP 3 – You don’t have to eliminate all gray from the home, it’s ok to have in a sofa or area rug to tie things in but here again, keep it a warm gray which will coordinate with all the warm undertones in your home. Also, if you do gravitate towards a lot of gray decor in your home, be sure to choose a wall color that will lift it up. Here are a few hues to consider.

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I found this picture in a local open house listing and almost gagged. Look at this gray! The house has great bones but the color is surely breaking them.

What’s wrong with this gray? Well, first it’s gray, and secondly, it’s too dark, too cold and just too much because it’s all over the house.

Do not choose gray to sell your home

See the warm tones in the home? See the gray? They do not get along in this house and it’ll cost about $10k to repaint. Still, love gray?

Look at the warm tones in the flooring, cabinets, and granite? Nice and warm right? Feels cozy right? Now, look at the gray and white in the rest of the home. The coziness is gone and that homey feeling that this house could have just flew out the window.

Sure someone can come in and say “it’s only paint, I’ll just choose another color and paint the house.”

Well, that’s fine and dandy but for some people after spending $310,000+ for a house do not want to spend and extra $10K+ to repaint. This is something to consider.

TIP 4 – Hire a professional. I want to share with you what someone said about choosing color for their home.

“I had a difficult time getting the proper gray when I renovated my garage. I went to Sherwin Williams because I figured that since they dealt exclusively in paint, they would be able to help me. Instead, they sold me a gallon of high-priced, very dark, gray. Exactly the opposite of what I wanted. Even after I went back and they lightened it, it was still too dark. I ended up going to Lowes and getting the proper color. I’ll never get paint from SW again.”

I explained to him that Sherwin Williams was only doing their job, selling you a product they sell. They are NOT color experts. Sure they have some idea of the top 10 grays most people like and keep plugging those colors but they do not have your color interest in mind, they are just giving your paint, YOU need to know what color you want before you step foot into a paint store.

TIP 5 – Keep it warm. Gray is not always a bad choice, some grays are really, really nice for the home but you have to know which ones based on what’s in YOUR home. Here are some suggestions when it comes to gray:

  • keep it a warm gray, a greige that teeters between gray and beige
  • hire a professional that can help you with your color choices
  • do not seek the advice of the paint associates in any box or paint store, they are there to sell a product, not color.
  • choose gray that feels good – or don’t use gray at all
  • consider beige if you have to sell your home, it has an overall more appealing look and feeling instead of using gray.
  • take the bones of your home into consideration when choosing gray. Look at your wood tones,  tile, and granite. Use a gray that looks good next to those elements.
  • have depression issues? Do not use gray in your home at all – anywhere.

So which grays should you use in your home? Well IF you still want to consider gray after reading this post, here are just some colors I suggest. Here again, I’m going to suggest colors that are not the most of the homes. We all know that top 10 Sherwin Williams colors but let’s get your home looking a little different than everyone else’s. Here’s my picks:

  1. Penthouse CSP-35
  2. Sea Salt CSP-95
  3. Doily CSP-130
  4. Skipping Stone CSP-155
  5. Plaster of Paris CSP-185
  6. Dulce de Leche CSP-250 (greige)

Now, these colors are all from the Color Stories collection of Benjamin Moore. I continue to LOVE this collection for two reasons, one – you don’t see these colors in most homes because it’s usually about $69 a gallon. Secondly, these colors are crisp and clean and do not contain any black. This is a good thing on a subliminal holistic level.

So there you have it. Go for gray IF you need to.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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