How Can I Create A Calm Space In My Home?

Everyone has a different definition of calm. I think we can all agree that anything that is calming brings us tranquility and ease on some level. We can get to these levels by the visuals that we bring into our home. What visuals? Color of course but also certain textures, scents and all the emotions that tie it in. This is the start of creating calm in the home.

How Can I Create A Calm Space In My Home?

It’s all about color, texture, and visuals. By adding these elements to your home, you can easily bring in calmness to your home.

The first thing as you may have guessed I’m going to mention is color. Here again, everyone finds comfort in different colors and for me, it’s green. The main reason I love green is because I’m a HUGE fan of the woods and when I have green in the home, it feels like I’ve brought the woods inside.

Green is also the color of the Heart Chakra so if you’re into meditation, yoga or Chi Gong, you may want to take that into consideration.

How to add green into your home?

Wall color. Valspar in my opinion still has some of the best greens to select from. From light minty greens to deep rich emerald greens, Valspar has it all.

Decor: Going along with the green, bring in those plants! They bring great energy into the home, refresh the air and here again, bring the outdoors inside. Be careful if you have pets, many and I know this because I have four cats, are poisonous to pets. You can get super cute succulents at Lowe’s, Target and IKEA just to name a few. I have both live and artificial plants in my home.

Texture: Bring in the baskets! Not only are they visually cool and hold things that you need to hide or organize a bit better, they feel great. I roll up magazines and store them in the living room or fill it with toiletries for the guest room.

Blankets:  We all know they add instant coziness to any room. Not blanket season? Drape it over the edge of the sofa, the cats love it too!

Candles: We all know this already but here again, keep your pets in mind. Soy candles are the best to use and because of the wicks, some emit lead fumes so I’ve heard. The best bet here? Use the candles that operate by battery. They still look like real candles and many are, they just don’t have a flame. I also have oil burners and either add recycled soy wax from an old candle or use a carrier oil and a few drops of essential oils.

Books:  So many of us have Kindle but you just can’t beat the look or feel of a real book in your hand or on the shelf.

Wood: I love wood in the home and would be very happy if I lived in a log cabin. I’m a big fan of the “wood look” on the floor without having to purchase real wood. I SO do not like tile and grout in the kitchen or anywhere in the home, because it’s cold, visually unappealing and just get dirty really fast. I do have cork in parts of my home which is super cool and looks amazing. Wood instantly adds coziness to the home.

Last but not least, every home should have a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Read up on them, not only do they add a beautiful ambient light to the home but they also change up the energy.

So here you have it, just a few ways to add calmness to your home. When your home LOOKS calming it will FEEL calming. What calms you?

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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