Ghostly Colors Of The Cemetery

I know this is weird but look how beautiful a cemetery can be! Cool grays and slate blues will be hauntingly beautiful for your home. This picture was taken that the Cumberland Cemetery in St. Mary’s Georgia.

Ghostly Color In Cemeteries Can Be Beautiful

Here’s a little history behind this cemetery.

Among the earliest settlers of St. Marys were the French-speaking Acadians. They came to America after being first driven from Acadia (originally in Nova Scotia) by the English and then from the island country of St. Domingo. Early Acadian graves can be easily spotted in the Oak Grove Cemetery in St. Marys by the French writing on their headstones.

In 1801, then again in 1808, yellow fever hit St. Marys with disastrous results. The 1808 epidemic left 84 people dead out of only about 300 citizens. Some of their graves are located in Oak Grove Cemetery in St. Marys. Because of this reoccurring epidemic, a Health Officer was appointed. In 1881, quarantine grounds were set up on Sapelo Island. All ships with infected people were sent there until the Health Officer deemed it safe to release them. In the early days, the cause of these epidemics was unknown. Clothing and possessions of infected people were burned as a preventative. It wasn’t until much later that it was learned that Yellow Fever was a mosquito-born illness that was spread through body fluids.

During this period, visitors to St. Marys described it as a bustling port city – but with few amusements. The days tended to be warm and uncomfortable (welcome to the South!) and one man said something about “being visited by 10,000 million sand flies.” Well, some things NEVER change!

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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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