Can Color Be Taught?

Many people have asked me “why don’t you teach a class about how color relates to the mind, body, and spirit?” The answer is simple. Color is like a fingerprint. Even though we have the basic colors of the chakras along with all the other colors in the world, color is going to be interpreted based on intuition and experiences. How can anyone person teach THAT?

How Is Teaching Color Like A Fingerprint?

To me, color is an experience much like how a woman learns how to be a mom, through experience. Yes, we all know the basics but the depth of color knowledge takes a lifetime to learn let alone teach.

We all know that red is red and it also is the color of the Root Chakra. This is where the fingerprint comes in. Red can be a sexy color, a color of high energy, one of the primary colors, the color symbolized by death by some cultures, the color of passion, security or even symbolized as a power color. Now I ask you this. How can one person teach anyone what these colors mean in any given time or place? You can’t for many reasons.

When these colors are combined with other colors or seen in the body in certain areas, that again carries a different meaning.

When these colors are seen in different shades or tones, here again, it means something different. One cannot teach another how a color feels. One can only teach another what colors MAY mean (and that can be dozens of meanings per color) and then it’s up to the individual to interpret.

When is green actually green?

• when it’s the heart chakra?
• when it means green with envy?
• when it symbolized by earth? Money? Greed?
• when it symbolized by the new beginnings of spring?
• when it is symbolic of a country?
• when it means healing?
• when it means love?
• when it means recycling?

See what I mean?

I have been studying color for over 30 years. I’ve thought about teaching this but can easily spend a month on each color. It’s just too big. I also feel that learning color, other than the basics of the color wheel, should be open for each person to learn about as they grow based on the experiences that they’ve had and yes, this will take a long time.

Color in my opinion is a very strong tool, yes it’s a tool but, if you learn about color from someone else, will you be learning THEIR experiences and using THEIR color fingerprint in your journey?

Knowing the depths of color is a gift and something that takes a lifetime to learn about not only what it may symbolize but how it feels. Start a color journal. Your color dictionary is unique to you and only you.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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