Feeling A Shift In Color And In Life

As Sherwin Williams announced NAVAL SW6244 I felt like I got pushed back about 10 years in time. How? Just by seeing the same old colors year after year after year. I know there are only so many colors in the wheel but there are a TON of colors in the wheel and Sherwin Williams continues to play it safe and quite frankly, boring. I’m not saying that Navel is not a good color because it is but, it’s a little long in the tooth. No sooner did they post this color of the year, there were a hefty handful of people with pictures already, saying yes, I have it on my door, in my bathroom, in my living, etc. They loved the color and have been loving it for years. Anyway …


I know Sherwin Williams has to pick colors that MOST people will like and also look good in the home, I get that but talk about disappointing. I know if they picked a yellow or orange, teal or lavender, most people would say “oh good for the kid’s room so that’s about it.” So here Sherwin Williams picks an adult color that’s been around the block for a while.

The shift I’m feeling is like I just stepped out of a whirlwind of time. I feel like I’m looking back at things that have already happened and I don’t want to be there anymore, I want to move forward. How? Not sure but I have to follow how I feel and go for it.

The painting you see above is one I painted today and it just came out of nowhere, I followed my soul. Like Benjamin Moore’s Color Stories which I post a lot about, there is not one ounce of black in this painting. It’s saturated, high energy, moving and taps into the essence of who I am, thus the name I Am.

This is not a post dissing Sherwin Williams, I just feel a bit sorry for them that they are not awake enough to tap into the heart and soul of what people really need in their home which is holistic, healing hues not staying withing the safeness of monotonous, lifeless colors for the home. There will always be the people who love any color they post about which is fine but for me, I’m moving on.

There are colors that we like and then there are colors that we like in the home, I get that. How fun it would be if we can keep those two elements one and the same. Here are some colors that I both like, some I have in my home and most that my clients purchased in my virtual consultations – when THEY got tired of seeing the same old colors in their home.

Color That Should Be In The Home


About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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2 Responses to Feeling A Shift In Color And In Life

  1. Naval is a pretty color, but I understand your frustration. I love your new painting! also your color picks below it are great. I really like Elderberry wine and Southern peach and Faded Violet. I’d like to have that Faded Violet in my bedroom. I’m just too lazy to repaint!

    • It’s super frustrating for me because by the time these color trends hit the stores, I’ve already seen it from months, months, months. I’ve seen this color years ago and used it for my clients – it was actually more indigo, a bit brighter than Navel. I’m just glad it’s not gray lol.

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