Colors and Crystals: Malachite

As I start this “Colors and Crystals” series, I want to briefly tell you a bit about my intentions. As you all know by reading my blog here on Decorating by Donna, I am ALL about the color. As you MAY know on my other blog, Angel Hug 2:34, I’m all about the mind, body, and spirit there. I love both blogs, but now, I’m really excited to blend them together in a new way. So this series will deeply dive into that.

crystals and color

The first crystal I am discussing today is malachite. Out of all the crystals I have, I grabbed this one, and no wonder, green is my favorite color.

I also tap into the color of our chakras here on this blog, and malachite represents the heart chakra. Using the heart chakra is or should be the basis of everything we do. When we put love and compassion first in our lives, well, let’s just say that’s the best way to start any scenario. As we open our heart chakra, the connection to life gets stronger. How many of you love the outdoors? So much green out there, right? Bring that passion for the outdoors inside if that resonates with you.

So if you are not fans of the outdoors, so how will you connect with this color? It’s more than just loving the trees outside or the smell of fresh-cut grass. Yes, these images are the “green” we see outside but here, I’m talking about the things in life we love.

Like the blood that flows through our hearts, love should be that vital as well. The vibration of compassion is high, and yes, it’s hard to hold when the things around us are challenging. This is why I always recommend using a lot of green in the home. The heart is in the center of the body. Find the center in your home and bring green into that space.

In this graphic, I have a few beautiful greens that can be found in malachite; all would be beautiful in the home. Now, keep in mind that these colors don’t have to dominate your walls because they are bold. Use them in accents or decor in your home. Don’t like these colors? Any green will work to represent the heart chakra.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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