Color Forecast for 2022: Tap Into Kundalini Consciousness

For 2022, we’ll be tapping into our feelings and insights, we simply HAVE to. Fully opening our Kundalini, the colors we choose for our home will be about energy and consciousness. If we aren’t at that place by 2022, you’ve so missed the ship. 

It’s never too soon to talk about colors for next year. This post is difficult to put into a visual, this is a start. Here I have a painting that I did a few years back when I really started to wake up. Colors had new meaning, insights were coming in fast and furious and the things that I used to find normalcy in no longer resonated with me. This was a very odd feeling and one that took me a while to process.

must have colors for 2022

How do we put feelings and our consciousness into a color palette? We don’t yet we can easily do.

Before your head gets in a spin, just release the confusion. This post is about arriving at a place/space in your knowing that has been there all along. There is no right or wrong here, the only wrong choice would be that of following trails of others.

From the depths of ocean blues to the warmest sunset hues, your colors are there, and everywhere! How do you find them? Just close your eyes, what do you see? Does it matter that the color you see isn’t on the top 10 most popular Sherwin Willaims colors? Not at all, it’s actually good. This means that you are on your own path to finding what you want and not caring if it’s “right.” 

Now I’m not exactly saying paint neon green on the walls without giving it a bit of thought to see if that will feel good in your home. Neon green is a free spirit color that actually will be a perfect fit in that home that has a certain vibration yet knows precisely where that color will go because it’s so unique.

Every color has a story that lives in our soul. You need to find your soul colors. They will be the colors that you just know are right for you, without hesitation. It’s actually very freeing to choose a color like this. 

As always, intuition is key here and I’m always available to help you find your colors. 


About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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3 Responses to Color Forecast for 2022: Tap Into Kundalini Consciousness

  1. Holly says:

    Yes dear Donna
    Incorporating the new insights and releasing the old. The rollercoaster is running fast. Thank you sweetheart. A joy connecting with you. Colors vibrant and new shades are coming into my vision. Namaste! 🌹😘

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