Bring On The Orange for Autumn

Oh orange, I have a love/hate relationship with, yet I adore you on so many levels! You are not on the clothes in my closet, sorry but I tried. I chuckle when I see you, noting the connection to an advertisement for a big box store but yet, your softer side, peach is one of my favorite colors.

Autumn hues

Peach brings me back to the memories of my childhood, yes I’m an 80’s girl, and peach was the color I was naturally drawn to when I repainted my bedroom; it felt like no other color. The once dark and dingy brown walls in my bedroom left me feeling cold and isolated. The day I manifested peach was the day I wanted to feel warm and uplifted! Talk about a total game-changer just by painting a room.

Peach is undoubtedly a feminine color and has a transformative quality that I didn’t realize back in the day but makes so much sense now. Peach, derived from orange, stirs up our emotions – look at the first line when I introduced orange mentioning a “love/hate” relationship. Those are two compelling emotions.

On those days when we feel wonky, and our emotions are all over the place, peach will instantly uplift us. The best way I can describe how peach feels to me is the hugs you get when you’re having a bad day. It’s soft and embraces your soul as if it steps right into your body. It’s very deceiving for a pastel color. Remember in the section where I wrote about pink and how it calms anxiety? Peach has a similar role, but we add just a touch of yellow to that pink which creates peach.

The orange hue also stimulates the creativity center of our body. I wonder why that box store chose orange in its logo; perhaps to get those DIY projects in the works? I did say that I am not a fan of orange, but I LOVE spicy orange; yes, add its neighbor red to it to spice things up. Like the color of a pumpkin on an autumn day, spicy orange tantalizes my creativity center like no other color. I once had a color similar to Paprika in my office, and that was just the right amount of orange needed to get my projects done.

See how I associated spicy orange with pumpkins and autumn? Our memories also play a huge role in the colors we love. Halloween, trick or treat, candy, the colors of the leaves as they fall off a transitioning tree, and even the smell of leaves on the ground to me is all associated with spicy orange. Next time you look at your favorite color, or any color for that matter, note all the senses you’re using to analyze your feelings, resulting in either liking or disliking a color.

For those of you who are not fans of orange, think again. Who doesn’t love a picture-perfect sunset? What colors do you see there? To start with, you’ll see many shades of orange, from peach to vibrant orange. Dig a little deeper into your thoughts as you gaze at the sunset. Do you relive the day’s memories and smile, or are you thankful the day has ended and look forward to the sunrise?

Happy first day of Autumn! 

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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2 Responses to Bring On The Orange for Autumn

  1. Holly says:

    Orange is not a favorite of mine either. A peach is nice but in Autumn I lean toward browns and beiges. Painting our living room in spring I will wait a bit longer with the beautiful shade of light green that’s served so well for all seasons for a few years now. Love your passion and expression. Always a joy to see your videos on many subjects. Be blessed.

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