The Five Best Sherwin Williams Colors For Your Home: A Post COVID-19 Color Palette

The arrival of the perfect Sherwin Williams color palette is here. These five colors will be the only five colors you’ll need for your home. No more searching for color trends, or waiting for the color of the year or running to the box stores to see the top ten colors that your neighbors buy. These colors, have been designed with a timelessness in mind.

Over the decades I’ve designed the best coastal colors, holistic color and healing colors for the home which all worked well but now, time has shifted and the needs of the color sensitive homeowner have been addressed.  I now invite you to view the one color palette that will be the one I talk about for years to come.

I’ve designed a Sherwin Williams color palette that consists of five of  my favorite, classic and timeless colors. The colors I have here are a unique blend of  colors that I thought long and hard about. Each color has a meaning and it not just pulled out of a hat.

As time goes on, we get fussy in life and that also pertains to what we bring into our home. Since we are now spending so much more time in our homes, we really need it to feel the best it can. If your home has a large family living in it you already know that there are a variation of personalities, and likes which bring on a new set of emotions – all under one roof. Let’s avoid that anxiety ridden scenario and design our home with healing and soothing in mind.

In my Nurturing color palette, there are just five colors. I’ll start on the bottom and go up from there.

For the post COVID-19 home, everything is different, even how color is viewed. We all have become so sensitive and we strongly need our home to nurturing our emotions not add anxiety

WHITE: I strongly believe white should not be in our home at this point. On a subliminal level white represents hospitals, doctors, a sterile environment and just coldness. Where am I eliminating white in the home? On the ceilings and trim. I bet you any amount of money that the future home will have a softer feel and look. Lose the stark white ceiling and trim and surround the home in a warming, welcoming edging life this super light tan. Bye bye white!

GREEN: I’ve be saying it for a really long time! Green is must have for the home. It represents the heart chakra and all the beautiful, grounding elements of nature we so desperately need at this time. It’s a healing color and one the we can wiggle between our toes and feel when we enjoy our day out in nature. I have a color very similar to this green in my home and I will never change it, and yes, it feels wonderful!

BUTTERY YELLOW: A good yellow is a challenge to find in any paint deck and I finally found one that I’ll be using for a very  long time. Yellow is so incredibly uplifting and healing. It is soft and has a warming feeling just like that butter you put on your toast that is so  yummy good! Don’t go crazy with yellow because it does have a higher energy level but certainly consider it for the rooms in your home that face north. It’s an instant uplift. 

BLUE: We are now looking at blue with new eyes. No longer are associating blue with the coastal water, maybe some of you are but now, we literally have our heads up in the clouds for inspiration. We are shifting our focus from water to the sky – look up! On a spiritual level, we look up to pray, for inspiration, to release and to inspire. This sky blue is hands down, celestial. 

TAN: This color is replace the god awful gray trend that has been pounded into our heads for years. Yes I will say, Agreeable Gray is the goddess of grays and I will not deny that. However, this tan is in the brown family and it’s there for a reason. I chose this tan because of it’s what is represents. Brown is the color of the knee chakra which represents connection. By now, there should be a very strong connection with your self, your knowing and where you’re going in life. There has to be! We spent most of 2020 in our home with ourselves. If you’re not here on this level at this time, you’ve missed so much and I hate to say that but it is what it is.

As a spiritual (not to be confused with religion) person, I take my senses and inner growth very seriously. I have been working part time professionally, as a psychic medium where all this comes into play. What would make me so very happy is that you all, have the happiest, healthiest, healing home possible and it starts with color. The colors that YOU love and that resonate with YOU. I’m just sharing my 2¢ based on my insights of the past, now and the future. I will say this, it will be a rough ride for a bit and our home, is where the healing will be and will remain. Soak it up with color. 

This color palette is a special one and is for sale for $111. You can purchase it here via PayPal. This color palette is surrounded by good karma and infused with the healing energy of Reiki, love, light and the high vibrations of our helping, healing Angels. And so it is. 

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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4 Responses to The Five Best Sherwin Williams Colors For Your Home: A Post COVID-19 Color Palette

  1. Holly says:

    Thanks dear Donna sis! Color is so effective at creating the mood of a room. I’m into natural colors like green and blue, beiges ……I will check your blog for a new livingroom color. Love and light blessings dear one. 💞💫

  2. Carol says:

    Which golden yellows are good for a North wall?

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