Do Memories of Your First Home Still Haunt You?

Are you one of those people who still have dreams of the very first home you lived in? You can call the dwelling home because it was your first, and the first of anything is always special. I know for years after I left the home I grew up in, I still had dreams that took place in that house.

dreams of first home

Keep in mind I said dreams, not nightmares; having nightmares is a totally different topic. The reason I’m writing about this is that just this week, I’ve heard a handful of people say they had dreams of their first home. These people range from ages 27-94, so home is a very distant memory, or is it?

My spooky radar is always on as a psychic medium, and it comes in handy. When I got to thinking about this topic, I wanted answers. Where do those answers come from? My Higher Self, my gut, my Guides, Angels, or whatever spirit energy you’d like to title. What is my final decider? My gut, aka, my solar plexus.

Sometimes we have to play psychic detective, but the answers are so simple that they are hard to see and understand. Here are my thoughts.

So much magic happens when we sleep, and I know better than anyone (insert sleep paralysis, time travel, and astral projection dreams) that our mind is always up to some shenanigans at night when we “try” to rest.

As adults, life, as you know, can and most certainly gets crazy, and our poor mental stability can only take so much and here, is where our dreams come in. Our dreams help us relax, fantasize, work out problems, come up with insights, and, best yet, take us to a place that soothes our soul. Where is that place? That place is home.

I know when I dreamt of my first home, it was to revisit some of the first developing memories and experiences I’ve had, the place where my family always was, where my toys were, my clothes, and to the room, I spent so much time in with friends and just by myself. This was home, and it felt good.

Perhaps when our adult minds get overwhelmed, our astral body takes us to a safe place that we knew as kids where everything was unicorns and lollipops. Where our toys were fun, food was on the table, parents, siblings, and relatives lived nearby and to me, this spells out love and comfort.

I know there were times when I dreamt of my home as if I were a ghost in someone else’s home. I’d drift by, visiting each room, going unnoticed, like a light mist on a foggy day. It was nice to see my home the way I remembered it, the colors, the smells, and even the stucco walls in the hallway, and WHAT was my dad thinking when he did that one? I bet I left more skin cells on those hall walls than I care to remember.

The point of this post is to recreate that feeling for you. I am a psychic medium and can tap into your aura, your energy. Let’s create that feeling with those colors that you find comforting. I can do that for you!

I offer a virtual color consultation. Contact me, and let’s get that feeling of your home to come alive again. Please send me an email at

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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