How To Create The Perfect “Energy Dome” In Your Home

It’s a challenge to change our homes into the perfect “energy dome,” but with a few minor adjustments, you can almost instantly begin to feel the energy move to your liking.

energy flow in your home

By “energy dome,” of course, I mean your home. Everything in your home is energy, from the coaster on your table to the glassware in your kitchen. Energy is everything and everywhere. Sometimes this energy flows well and goes unnoticed, but sometimes it builds or is stagnant. All this affects the well-being and happiness not only in our homes but within us.

Ever notice that sometimes when you walk into one of the rooms in your home, you feel relaxed or tense? What colors are in those rooms? What textures do you have there? What theme is the decor?

The colors you choose will either have a nice flow of energy, too much energy, or an energy that goes against our own. We can do a few things to help the energy in our home flow more freely based on OUR OWN energy.

Let’s talk about blue. If you are the type of person who loves the water, then you’ll find calmness with this hue. Water symbolizes wisdom and serenity, so having this element in your home is key. Along with color for your walls, add a fishtank, small water elements, mirrors, and reflective surfaces to help unite you with this element of water. It will level out the energy in your home to suit your own energy.

Love green? It’s my favorite color, and as you all know, there are millions of shades! I love the sagey, earthy shades of green, like the moss on a tree or seen on the Dusty Miller plant. This earthy color connects us to mother nature herself.

Speaking of mother nature, browns are for you if you love those earthy elements! I have one wall in my bathroom that is a gorgeous shade of brown. It is right next to my bathtub, and I placed brown by my tub to help ground and stabilize me when I get too “floaty” while relaxing in the bath.

See how you can control the energy in your home dome? Pay attention to how you feel as you enter and exit each room of your home. Feel floaty coming out of your meditation room? Add some wood elements like baskets, wooden candle holders, or brown decor nearby that room to instantly ground you.

Keep balance in mind for your home. Add live plants, candles, texture, and for me, I love moving furniture around several times a year to get stagnant energy out of the house. Keep your window cracked if it’s cold out or open them fully to intuitively send old energy right out of your home. Fluff up your pillows, wash your curtains and move the novelties around your home to a new place and space.

This is how you change the energy in your home.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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