8 Steps To Getting Perfect Color For You Home from a Virtual Designer

Literally, it’s like paint by number. I outline color placement for you so you know exactly where your colors go. This is extremely helpful if you have a very open floor plan.

virtual color for your home

Gone are the days where a designer comes to your home. Sure there is a time and place for that like if you’re staging your home or need custom drapery but if you just need to refresh your home with color, virtual is the way to go. Because  of Covid and time restrictions, virtual consutlation are the way of the future, and it works.

Let me walk you through this process.

1 – A client needs color for their home

2 – I ask for pictures of the home or a real estate listing so I can see your home. This includes flooring, decor, architectural features, countertops, and any tile work or art that you have.

3 – Based on what I see, I give you a quote. My prices for 2022 are $400 for a home 3,000 sq feet or less. Bigger homes of course are slightly more.

4 – Payment is paid in full via PayPal.

5 – I begin designing your color palette based on the paint company you want to use. Keep an eye on your email, I work fast. Most designs are completed in a week if you keep up with me.

6 – I will ask you to get the paint fan deck so you can see the colors I’m suggesting. I like to work with Sherwin Williams or Valasp because you can easily get these color chips at your local Sherwin Store or Lowe’s Home Improvement Store. 

7 – I’ll send you graphics like the one shown above and when complete you give me a thumbs up on the colors. After any needed adjustments,  sample your colors first before committing to painting. 

8 – That’s it my friends! 

If you are interested in my virtual services, please fill out the form below with any questions that you may have.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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