Colors To Lift Your Spirits

As the winter season is wrapping up, I am so looking forward to growing new colors in my garden. These colors instantly lift my spirits and soothe away those winter blues.

 Zinnia’s, ferns, oregano, and mint are just a few o the plants I have in my garden. These picks are from last year, but they will be back in my garden as soon as the seasons kick in, and it can’t be soon enough.

I look at those colors, and the first thing that comes to mind is pink and red nail polish. What great nail polish colors right? 

I love the fresh, crisp green too. It’s not muddy or muted like many of the greens that are popular today, it’s fresh and vibrant. Why don’t we have these vibrant colors in the home I wonder? Who says the colors have to be soft and muted most of the time? I know it would be a commitment to have such saturated hues in the home but man would that be awesome, just a little, not a lot. I almost hesitate to say it but maybe, it would be a cool trend to see a very neutral home, not white but super soft ivory, and just have a splash of amazing color here and there in the home.

Perhaps the next color trend will be the “less is more” look. How easy would it be to have the entire house painted ivory and each room having one amazing accent color? God, I can’t believe I said that but it sure would make painting easy.

I will say this, looking at my home now and yes, the colors are amazing, I also feel like simplifying everything. Less to clean, less to look at, and just, less.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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