The Best Coastal Color Palette In The World!

In the world? It very well may be. I designed this color palette YEARS ago. I went from using circles to this beautiful lotus flower. The colors are still the same and still, very much sought after.

best coastal colors for my home

It seems that everyone is still loving these coastal color palettes and why not?

  • They are soft yet noticeable.
  • You can use this color palette for your forever home or if you’re staging.
  • It has a blue but a happy blue, not too gray, not too ‘nursery.’
  • This color palette goes with most decors.
  • They work well together
  • They FEEL good!
  • They look good.
  • You can mix and match these colors throughout your home
  • There is a nice combo of light, medium and darker hues
  • They are gorgeous!

ABOUT WHITE: See how I have that soft ivory for the trim color? I LOVE that! You may have heard me say it before but I rarely use pure white. Soft whites are so much better!

ABOUT GRAY: I’m not a big fan of gray for two reasons.

  1. I personally think its’ a lifeless color
  2. People with depression issues need to be careful with this hue.

The reason I DO like these grays is because of the undertones – they are warm, not cool. Looking at the grays in the kitchen and foyer area reminds me of a Morning Dove bird all big, soft and cuddly.

ABOUT YELLOW: Now that Living Room yellow LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that!!!! It’s really hard to find a nice yellow and I’ve mentioned this before. Either it’s too gold too beige or too lemony. The Benjamin Moore yellow I have here – is flipping perfect. Also on a Holistic level, yellow has some really strong healing notes. Next time you’re around yellow, notice how you feel. Don’t you want that feeling in your home?

ABOUT GREEN: The Family Room is color that teeters between gray, blue and green. It’s very versatile and since it can go green, it’s a nice Holistic choice for the rooms where the family gathers most. Heart Chakra right?

ABOUT BLUE: Here again, I am so not a fan of blue but really like the Benjamin Moore blue I have noted for the bedroom color. I’ve been listening to all your posts and comments and most of you love blue and find it very soothing and relaxing. What better color for the Master Bedroom right? Sleep tight with that one 🙂

You know what’s really cool about this color palette? Look at it. You can take any two colors from this palette and they will work well with each other OR next to each other.

Have an open floor plan home? ANOTHER reason this coastal color palette is perfect. These colors transition well from room to room.

Look – you can take ANY of these colors, combine them and get a great color duo. Here are just some. See how you can decorate your entire home with just these colors? Think of all the possibilities!

Please know that all the color palettes I design will not have any names on them. This is because I sell these color palettes for the people who don’t have time or skill to pick their own. If you like this color palette by Sherwin Williams, it is $55 and you can purchase it here via PayPal. Please fill out the attached contact form below this color palette to begin processing your request.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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