Reflections: A New Way To Use Mirrors

Most homes have mirrors. Mirrors should reflect something beautiful in the home, which is the purpose of a mirror. However, there is another way that we can use these magical reflective surfaces other than just looking into them.

mirror work self reflection

Here I have a photograph of my pyrite, which is on the right. If you look closely at it, you can see that the flat surfaces look like tiny mirrors. These reflective surfaces, of course, will echo the image that peers into them just like a regular mirror.

One day while I was holding my pyrite and looking into the little reflective surfaces, it got me to think about reflections. What do we see when we look into a mirror? First off, we see an image of ourselves and whatever is in the background. If you take a deeper look, you can see somebody looking back at you with many thoughts and much to say.

The other day I was on TikTok, and I saw a husband and wife hanging a mirror on a stairway that didn’t reflect anything. I added a comment, “why would you hang a mirror where you can’t see into it or see what it reflects?” Like most tick-tock or’s, I got a lame response like well, it is the decor, and we are just hanging it. What did I expect from TikTok?

The response that I had made me think about mirror work. What do I project out? What do I want to be projected back to me? Was my comment too harsh, or did it trigger something in the other person that made them uncomfortable? This topic can go on and on.

So in the mirrors that I look into, I do not see an image of myself staring back, but I see my thoughts and emotions. Do I feel happy when I look into a mirror? Do I see somebody sad? Do I see somebody who doesn’t care? Do I see somebody staring back at me with amazement and curiosity? Can I feel the energy of my reflection staring back at me? Many questions arise when we talk about mirror work and reflecting upon one’s soul.

So next time you hang a mirror in your home, truly embrace its reflection when you look into it. Embrace what you see and feel. Embrace what you experience when you look at that person looking back at you. You can even put your face really, really close to the mirror, and it will appear as if you were touching noses. As if you were looking into the eyes of your higher self, know that you are the best person you can be and that you trust your journey as you walk your path. Our paths take many directions, but if we just look into our mirror with non-judgemental eyes, we will see the beautiful soul that looks back at us.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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