Color Expert Donna Frasca Taps Into The Soul of Her Clients

When I went to college to get my degree in interior decorating and design, I wish they had a course that taught us how to choose colors based on how we feel. 30+ years later, I realized that color is more than just pigment on the walls; it’s an extension of our emotions.

color expert

It wasn’t until the last ten years that color has taken on a new role for me. Before, it was just, “ I’ll design a beautiful color pallet because it will look wonderful in your home.” Now, I intuitively connect with my clients, tap into that place and space in their soul, and search for the colors, not what they want for the home, but what they need.

The turning point was when the horrific color trend “gray” reared its ugly head in the homes. I often wondered who came up with this depressing color and decided it was OK to put it into our homes. It was almost like somebody was playing Russian roulette with a color wheel and just pointed their finger when the wheels stopped spinning, and that was the color they were going to beat to death, and beat to death they did.

Shortly after, the gray trend saturated our homes is when my clientele peaked. I was getting dozens and dozens of emails from people begging me to help them bring life back into their homes again. Can you imagine having images of a cemetery in your very own home?

Being intuitive, I sensed cases of depression and various mental disorders which surfaced because something was off in their home. I am not saying that because they chose the wrong color, they got sick; I’m saying that the wrong color had an adverse effect on their health issues. I know even for myself, when I walk into a home that is painted gray, my vibration instantly lowers. It’s like comparing a beautiful sunny day to a dark, dreary raining day. It feels just like that to me.

Little by little, house by house, I was able to design life back into as many homes as I could. I’m so thankful that I work virtually and can reach anybody across the country and even internationally. Gone are the days when designers go into homes to design a color pallet. I know some “seasoned” designers still go door to door, but it is with risk. Of all the years designing in homes, there was just a handful where my safety was at stake. That was a handful too many.

I would hear my colleagues say, “How can you design a color palette for homes without being inside the home? It would be best to see the lighting and decor to get a feel of the home. It’s just not possible.”

My designer “cheat” around all this is that I’m a psychic medium. I have a very sharp sense and a very strong intuition. When I work on a virtual design, I feel like I’m inside the home, right next to the client. I’ve had feedback from my clients saying just that. To top it off, when I connect with my clients, I’m connecting with their energy, which has no limitations. It’s easy to pick up on someone’s sense of what they need by focusing on their soul energy. At this point, the design begins.

With a strong focus and connection, the designs begin to unfold. I focus on the colors that are high vibrational and just feel good to look at. These colors I often relate to the chakra system. I love the purples of the crown chakra, indigo and darker blues of our third eye, the sky blue of the throat chakra, green for the heart, yellow for the solar plexus, and orange and red for the lower chakras. These colors have meaning and emotion for me, and I love to share that with my clients.

When I choose a color, I don’t pick a color out of the crayon box and say, “Here is your green; it will be a perfect match for your living room.”

I go into a bit of detail and say, “I suggested this green for your living room because it’s the color of the Heart Chakra, which represents love. Love should always be in the center of the home.”

There are so many emotions, personalities, and energy levels in any given home; these factors must be considered when choosing the perfect color palette.

When the color consultation is complete, and the color is on the walls, the family breathes easily, knowing that their colors were chosen for everybody’s best interest. Somehow, smiles are brought to their faces as they look at their home. They admire how the colors blend in with their decor and personalities and how amazing that feels.

Isn’t it wonderful how the right combination of paint can transform a lifeless home into a home that explodes with joy and uplifts everybody who looks at the wall color?

The color doesn’t stand out but blends into the overall feeling of the home. Each home is designed uniquely and for that family. The one thing I love about working for these families is that their home is exactly that: their home and colors. You will not see their neighbors’ colors in their home because it is designed specifically for their mind, body, and spirit, no one else’s.

I thank my angels and guides for directing me to this beautiful career and the beautiful process of virtual design. I will be forever grateful for not only the souls that I touched but for the fulfillment of my own soul through the amazing world of color.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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