Color Is The Doorway To The Soul

They say that our eyes are a doorway to our soul, but I beg to differ. I honestly believe that color is the doorway to everything.

color is the doorway to the soul

painting by Donna Frasca

In my previous post, What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom, the opening paragraph was as follows:

A simple question that does not have an easy answer. Think about it; the bedroom is somewhere you will be sleeping, relaxing, or winding down after a busy day. Maybe you have ADHD, maybe you’re recovering from a life-threatening illness, perhaps you are overwhelmed by being a parent, maybe you’re exhausted from life, or maybe you’re here to love, live, laugh or just be alone. I just mentioned a whole lot of emotions and possibilities. How can you choose ONE color for a room that caters to so much?

Now, if that alone does not encompass our soul resources, I don’t know what does. Whether you are painting your home, choosing an outfit for the day, creating art, or choosing fingernail polish, these are all color choices we make.

Think about it, when you pick your clothes for the day, why don’t you wear bright red to work? Maybe because you’ll feel significantly noticed when everyone else is wearing black. Perhaps you feel over anxious because red is a very high-energy color. Maybe you chose red because the last time you wore that shirt you were on a date and had a wonderful time – a great memory relived!

See! As we make color choices for the day, we dig deep into the crevasses of our minds and soul to finalize those choices.

How do you feel when you look at my painting and see all those amazing colors? Do you feel like you will be stepping into another dimension? Another place? Another time? The steps symbolize our choices, and the doorways represent stepping into our decision and standing by it.

A forest is a magical place; color is a magic “space.” Choose colors that tap into your soul and find the one color that arouses your soul. Much like all the trees in a forest, there will be that one tree, that grabs your attention and that is the one you’ll be connected to.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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