The Best Sherwin William Quads Of Color

How about these four beauties! In my last post, I show you the perfect trio; this palette takes it one step further with four gorgeous Sherwin-Williams colors for your home. Why are these four colors so great? Let’s find out.

the perfect four sherwin williams colors

Some homes have open floor plans, and when you get to the living room and dining room area that is open to each other, I like to bounce similar colors off each other instead of intruding a new one. I’d use color #2 for the living room and #4 for the dining room. #2 and #4 are so similar that they will give the illusion of one large space with a slight variation in tone as if there is a subtle shift in light. This is what we want if we don’t want to use the exact same color for two adjoining rooms. If the dining room has a chair rail, feel free to incorporate #3 in there to break it up.

Like I mentioned in the post about the trios, #1, I would still use it for the bedroom, OR you can get a little wild and use it in the foyer if you don’t want to use #3, the neutral. I think the neutral would look better in the foyer next to #2 and #4.

The neutral, #4, use in the kitchen so the color in the dining and living room really stands out. 

If you need help with the way colors flow in your home or if you’re interested in these four colors, fill out the form below, and I’d love to help you!

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