Need Color For Your Home? Placement is Key

When you’re looking for color palettes for your home, you can literally find them anywhere on the web. BUT, they do not suggest placement for those colors, and that’s where this process can go horribly wrong. 

The perfect color palette

As a Virtual Designer, I design color palettes for homes with open floor plans; these colors have to transition well from room to room, space to space.

There are so many people who go to the paint stores, pick a dozen of the popular colors, then go home and are stuck with the decision of where to put them. 

  1. Should you use the lightest color in the foyer? Maybe, but that depends on what colors are in the surrounding rooms. Maybe the foyer needs to be a little darker for contrast.
  2. Should a darker color go in the kitchen? Maybe, but that depends on the colors of the cabinets and your countertops. A lighter color might be better, depending on your wall space.
  3. Should the living room have an accent color? Maybe, but that depends on the lighting in that room. Will it look too distracting? Too cave-like? Does your eye need to focus on that section of your living room? 
  4. Should I use a blue for the bedroom? Oh, this look is getting old, and not everyone can process blue. Keep in mind they call it “the blues” for a reason. Make sure that everyone FEELS ok with that shade of blue. You might want a neutral in the bedroom to keep the peace. Just sayin’.


These are just some of the questions you might be considering when thinking about color placement for your home. Paint is expensive, and also hiring a paint contractor is also an investment. Do it right the first time, let me help you with your color placement.

I work 100% virtually and have been for years, and if you’d like help with your colors, please fill out the form below. If you are confident with your color placement and want to purchase this color palette, they can be yours for just $100. These colors are gorgeous together!


About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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