Which Color Gives Positive Energy In A Home?

I’m all about having positive energy in the home, but how do we know which color has positive energy?  I love that this room has butterfly art; that’s already a great start. Let’s keep that energy going and discuss a color matching that vibe.

Which Color Gives Positive Energy in a Home?

Every color will have a different vibe depending on the person viewing it. Here, I chose a color that FELT really good to me when I looked at it in the Benjamin Moore Color Stories paint deck, then I looked at the name.

Sweet Cream brings back memories of sipping on a warm cup of farm-fresh milk and watching the rich cream float to the top. Yes, that is a very specific memory for me and one that gives this color positive energy for me.

As a sensitive person, colors definitely have a feel to me. These feelings are triggered by the memories that I have. I recall having a great memory of yellow in my post about my Grandmother’s kitchen.

Yellow, in general, is a feel-good color but some yellows can have too much energy so becarefyk to choose one that is just right for you. Focus on your memories when you’re looking at the perfect color for your home. If you’d like me to help you choose a color that has a good feeling, fill out the form below and we can schedule a virtual color consultation.


About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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4 Responses to Which Color Gives Positive Energy In A Home?

  1. Love this cream. So comfy! I’m curious as to what color palette you plan to use in your new mountain space.

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Well, as much as I’d like to paint, since it’s a log cabin, the insides are all wood. I will bring in color decor accents of traditional red and green for the bedrooms. The kitchen has gorgeous, almost tropical colored dished with brightly with colored towels to match. I’ll be adding finishing touches with my own paintings for the walls – all nature themed and buying Currier and Ives small prints for smaller spaces. That’s the plan at least 🙂

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