10 Things to Know and Understand About Color

Color is a very personal journey, and I’m sharing ten thoughts for you to consider when you choose color for your home.

10 things to know about color

1 – Do NOT follow color trends.

Nine times out of 10. The “designers” are pulling color ideas out of a hat. No matter how much they tell you about the research they did. Trust me when I tell you it’s random. I know this to be true because without mentioning any names or VERY popular companies, I know and spoke with a very reliable source who said, “oh yes, just on the way to work, I just pull names out of a hat, regardless of what the color is.”  This is no way to connect with the energy of color. Also, if there is ANY research done in choosing the “color of the year,” why would you want to connect yourself to a color that is associated with politics, money, or current events? No, no, and a BIG no! Thankfully some paint brands are tapping into “self” colors which should have been done decades ago. They’re slowly catching on. 

2 – Be VERY careful when using any gray in your home.

I don’t care how chic, beautiful, trendy, or classy you think gray is. It is still gray. Gray belongs in the cemetery or on cloudy days, not in the home. I stand behind this statement because I’ve had many clients who have issues of depression, and they have gray in their home. Once the gray was taken out magically, the depression subsided. They told me that suddenly, their house FEELS amazing, which brings me to #3.

3 – Choose a color based on the way you feel when you see it.

As a hyper-sensitive person, I am all about the way things feel. I have many clients who are color sensitive, and I also understand this. Sometimes, when you look at a color, it physically hurts. Color can be very complicated. It is associated with memories, feelings, and emotions., Is not a one size fits all element that you can put in your home. It is very much like choosing a pair of jeans. There are hundreds of styles of jeans, but there are only a few pairs that feel right when you wear them, and this applies to choosing colors for your home. Feel your color before you paint. 

4 – Colors are associated with our chakras.

Are you into Chakras? Well, if you are, you know that color plays a huge role in that journey. Each color, red, orange, yellow, green, light, blue, indigo, and purple each, represents our shoppers. If we choose a color for a specific room, let’s say a meditation or yoga room, this will help and connect you to that journey very easily.

5 – Use Color to turn your home into a house of healing.

If you’ve been reading my blog at all, you’ll know that I talk about holistic healing and how we can achieve that in our homes. Color goes way deep on so many levels. From the lights that you use in your home, the plants, the crystals, the paint color, and how you rearrange your furniture, this all has to do with energy and healing. Experiment with your home and these elements that I mentioned to see what feels good to you. Many of my clients have emotional issues, health issues, and ADHD, and color plays such a huge role in all of this. I can’t even begin to tell you other than looking at the links that I have provided here.

6 – Color and Angels go hand in hand.

I am also an angel intuitive and have studied angels for many years. Taking my love for color, I was fascinated to discover that many of our angels are also associated with the colors that we use every day. How amazing would it be to use the color blue and know that it is associated with Archangel Michael or the color yellow, which represents joy and archangel Jophiel? I invite you to see my other blog that talks more about Angels at AngelHug2:34. 

7 – Ceilings do NOT have to be white.

Do you ever wonder who invented these color trends? Whoever said that ceilings have to be or should be white? Why separate the fifth wall from all the other walls in the house? Well, I’m a big advocate of not having a white ceiling in my home. What are the options? Plenty! When you have a small room, like a small guest bathroom room, that has unusual angles, like many of our attic rooms, to make your room look larger, just paint it all one color. Many times when you paint your ceiling white, you are creating a contrast and making an eye go up to the ceiling and notice the break up in color.

8 – Open floor plan? Break up those spaces with color.

Oh, I’ve seen this fiasco time and time again. People who have these McMansions or large homes with open floorplans, who don’t have access to designers, just paint their entire home, one color. This is like being lost in a cloud with no direction, no definition, and no precise rooms in your home. Actually, many designers do this as well, they choose to go with an all-white look for a home because they really don’t have any training on how to break up a home with color, so it’s just easier to make it shades of white – which is horribly boring. It’s like a psychic, medium, telling you “your loved ones are with you” it’s a copout answer and a copout way to choose color for a home. 

9 – Color is great for small spaces.

Just because your room is small does not mean you HAVE to use a light color. Most of the time, I suggest a medium to dark tone for a small guest bath – and yes, that includes the ceiling. White or light walls will not make your room any bigger, so you might as well make it an amazing color. 

10 – It’s ok to choose a color based on the name alone.

Painting a nursery? How about Baby’s Breath by Benjamin Moore 873. Knowing that the name of the wall color is the very life of your newborn will be the building blocks of your babys room. 




About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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