What Color To Choose for Your Kitchen When You Have Ugly Cabinets

We’ve all seen it, that kitchen that has dreadful cabinets. They may be dated, too light, too dark, too orange or just plain ugly! How do we fix this without replacing them? With color. Here are a few classic options.

kitchen colors

I’ve been in so many kitchens, and when I get to the ones that have these green cabinets, I shutter. Why? Because it’s a challenge to tie in colors of your entire first floor based on the dominant color of the kitchen cabinets. No, wait, I stand corrected, one of my clients loved turquoise and painted her cabinets the worst turquoise you can imagine. That was probably the worst color consultation on record. She wanted her entire home shades of turquoise, and I refused to do it. I worked with her decor and some naturals to coordinate with those cabinets, and she was not happy. I should have just picked five turquoises, one for each room, and called it a day.

So back to the green cabinets.

The colors I have above are some pretty options to consider if you have these green cabinets. Yes, there are some dark colors here, but keep in mind the typical kitchen does not have that much wall space, so it will ok to use a strong color if you like that option.

Now the lighter options will probably be more popular. My favorite is the creamy color on the right and the light green on the left. Here’s why.

Of course, if you choose the creamy color, it will go with everything in your kitchen, right down to the countertop. It’s a safe, warm option. I also like the creamy color because of its softness. There are many people who are color sensitive so starting the morning with softness is the way to go.

I also like the light green because using its color, creates a monochromatic color scheme and makes the cabinets disappear or make them less noticeable.

All the other colors are usable but you’ll have to be clever with the countertop you use. Make sure you consider the color of the flooring and surrounding room colors if you have a n open floor plan.

Either way, there are many choices to keep in mind if you have these green cabinets. If you need my help and would like a color consultation for guides, fill out the form below and let’s connect.


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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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