How Can You Work With Color and Crystals?

Crystals are very powerful tools if used correctly or even if they resonate with you. Some people think they are just rocks and others, use them as Divination tools for assistance. I love color and I love crystals. Let me show you how I use both in my designs.

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8 Steps To Getting Perfect Color For You Home from a Virtual Designer

Literally, it’s like paint by number. I outline color placement for you so you know exactly where your colors go. This is extremely helpful if you have a very open floor plan.

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Color Quickie: Deep Rose Red by Benjamin Moore

Red is a great color to have in the central part of the home. Red represents the Root Chakra, it is grounding, and represents the family and friends in our lives . If you do paint this vibrant red in your home, use a gray primer first. This will help with coverage. I had a similar red in one of my homes (20 years ago) and used five coats of paint! I wish I knew then what I know now 😉 

Benjamin Moore Deep Rose

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Colors For Emotional Support; If Color Could Talk

“Everything will be ok.” Yes, color can be your best friend and support your emotional needs. Sounds crazy but just look at these colors and tell me you don’t feel just a wee bit better.

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Colors To Soothe My Mind

When the day gets tough, I get my colors out. Color Therapy to the rescue!

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The Perfect Two Colors For Summer

As the days are now getting longer, we have more time to enjoy those hot summer days. Love the summer? Bring those colors inside!

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14 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A House of Healing

Healing: making or becoming sound or healthy again. Our homes should do this for us, and there are a few ways we can easily turn our homes into healing centers. Let’s look at fourteen was to transform your home into a house of healing.

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Color Quickie: What Can Pink Do For You?

I never used to like pink until I painted my office a color that was between pink and lavender. I didn’t choose this color because it looked pretty. I chose it because I loved the way it felt. It was uplifting, inspiring, and just light. When I felt my day was heavy, I’d retreat to my office and, within minutes, felt happier. Yes, color can do this! 

healing of pink

Benjamin Moore Pinkn Pansey

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How To Stay Calm With Color

If we truly knew the power of color, it would be in our medicine cabinet. It is the easiest way to heal the mind, body, and spirit. The colors I have here are a good start.

calming colors
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Clients Need To Know The Story Behind Their Colors

Color is a HUGE part of my life. Today, I’d like to share this Benjamin Moore pale yellow with you: Kansas Grain.

It’s soft, like the morning sun just popping out. It’s a reminder to start your day slowly and softly; there is no rush. When choosing colors for clients, I find it helpful to explain why I choose the colors I do.

Sometimes clients think we pull colors out of our “top tens” and use them repeatedly; sadly, some designers do this. I like to take it one step further, explain why I gravitate toward color and give a little storyline. This way, when the home gets painted, hopefully, that story of the “morning sun” will be a thought for the homeowners to remember. An excellent way to choose a paint color, don’t you think?

benjamin moore kansas grain

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What Color Should I Paint My Foyer?

“Wow, what a beautiful foyer! ”This is what we want our friends and family to say as they enter our home. How do we do that? With the right color.

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Color Quickie: Lavender to Calm

Purple/Lavender – is so calming. On the days you feel your knickers twisting, focus on this color. Deep breath in, deep breath out.

calming lavender

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