Color Expert Donna Frasca Taps Into The Soul of Her Clients

When I went to college to get my degree in interior decorating and design, I wish they had a course that taught us how to choose colors based on how we feel. 30+ years later, I realized that color is more than just pigment on the walls; it’s an extension of our emotions.

color expert
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8 Steps To Getting Perfect Color For You Home from a Virtual Designer

Literally, it’s like paint by number. I outline color placement for you so you know exactly where your colors go. This is extremely helpful if you have a very open floor plan.

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The Best Sherwin William Quads Of Color

How about these four beauties! In my last post, I show you the perfect trio; this palette takes it one step further with four gorgeous Sherwin-Williams colors for your home. Why are these four colors so great? Let’s find out.

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The Only Three Colors You’ll Need If You Have A Small Home

When a whole color palette is too much,
and you’re looking for something simple, this trio is for you! Let’s break it down.


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Where Do I Get My Inspiration From?

The design world used to be complicated back in the day. Who’s doing what? What are the color trends? Who can I kiss up to so I can move my career forward? Let me use Google as a knowledge bible – uggg! I love the saying, “I wish I knew then what I know now,” because I wouldn’t have done any of that!

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All The Colors You’ll Ever Need For Your Home

This is the best Sherwin-Williams color palette I’ve designed to date! It includes the best selection of blues, greens, grays, and neutrals here. This will be the last color palette you’ll ever need for your home!

the best sherwin williams colors for your home

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Come Meet Me!

Thank you to Rosemary DeTrolio for interviewing me about both my careers, From Color To The Cosmos. One as a Color Expert, that would be the COLOR, and the other as a Psychic Medium.

color expert

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The Colors Around Us

​Come look at this 10-minute video about the colors around us. It’s all about healing – color – the best therapy in the world!

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Let’s Chat About Color That Feels Good!

Come enjoy this 7-minute video, with slides, as I tell you why I choose certain colors for the home. 

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Unconventional Colors For The Living Room

Who sees Crown Chakra colors first? YES! I can’t help but choose colors with the chakras in mind; after all, we need to start choosing colors with intention, agree?

best sherwin williams color for a living room

First of all, I personally would not have so much white in a room. But, if you do love white, the good thing is that the color you add will really pop. Let’s look at the options.

I love these cool and soothing colors! If this happens to be a beach home, think how these colors would instantly refresh you right down to your soul. No, really, these are hues of the soul that so many of us now are gravitating towards. 

With stainless appliances, white ceilings, and light furnishings, this is a crispness that can only be accomplished by choosing very specific colors. 

As many of your know, I’m heavily into chakras, and my first choice for this room would be some shade of lavender. I’d have accents of green plants and, of course, lavender throughout the home. 

Since I can’t decide which of these three colors I’d use, I would incorporate all three using the darkest one on the right as an accent color somewhere. My eye sees it on the back wall that goes right up to the second floor. How striking and unique would that be?

Again friends, if you’d like me to help you with color choices for your home, I work 100% virtually, have been since 2007.  Fill out the form below and I’d love to start working with you.


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Color Therapy; Tapping Into Color When I Need It The Most

I love all these colors separately, not together. Oh I’ve had a day and there’s nothing that can soothe my mind other than color right now.  So I’m hitting the design board until I look at some happy hues.

The palette below is for the mind, not so much for the home. I mean, you can put them in your home, of course, but in this case, they are intended for color therapy. I chose colors that caught my eye and felt good to me. 

These colors are known as jewel tones. I currently feel drawn to them as the fall season slowly approaches. Quite frankly, I’m a bit tired of looking at the washed-out coastal colors of summer and long for the warmth of real, saturated color.

What do you think? Do they feel good to you? It sure was fun designing this graphic so my visual senses are satisfied!

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What Are The Best Sherwin Williams Colors for a Healing Bathroom?

The bathroom double as a spa retreat. The one room in the home where we have alone time for a few minutes or a few hours. The time you spend in the bathroom should be top-notch, and choosing the right colors will be a game changer for this room.

healing bathroom colors

Sherwin-Williams has some amazing blues and greens. I hands down recommend these three hues for some very good reasons.

I like this soft sky blue because it literally feels like you’re in the clouds. Imagine soaking in a big bath surrounded by bubbles and this soothing blue. You’ll feel like you’re in the clouds without a worry in the world, and that’s what this color does.

Not the two other colors are more so on the green side. I’m a fan of green because it’s closer to the ground, particularly the woods. It’s funny how some people are drawn to the sky, the water, and the forest; these are the colors we should bring into our lives.

Green, no matter what shade, is the color of the heart chakra, another great reason to have it in your bathroom retreat – the color that represents self-love.

Either way, after a long day, or a long week, make your bathroom retreat a special place for you to renew and relax. Try one of these colors and you’ll be on your way to the perfect healing bathroom. If you like them, fill out the form below, and I’ll give you the details.

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