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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.

What Color Should I Choose If My Kitchen Is Too White?

Nothing is more unsettling than a kitchen that is too white. Picture waking up in the morning, pouring your coffee, and being blinded by the whiteness of your kitchen; I’d be heading back to bed and throwing the covers over … Continue reading

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What Colors Should I Use If My Home Has A Lot of Wall Space?

Open floor plans can be a challenge to work with, and the first mistake more people make is to make their home one color. I highly recommend using several colors to define your spaces and giving your home detention. Keep … Continue reading

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What Color Should I Paint My Bathroom If It’s Too Brown?

Oh, those brown bathrooms of the ’70s, I remember them well. If this were my bathroom, I’d use the buttery color; that would really brighten up this brown bathroom.  Remember, this blog is about selling color palettes that work for … Continue reading

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Which Colors Will Make My Bedroom Cozy?

There are so many options, but these three will be a great start. Here you have two saturated color choices and one that is fairly neutral. My favorite is definitely the color in the center. Adding another cozy element to … Continue reading

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The Best Living Room Color Combinations That You’ll Love

These three will work when you need just a handful of colors that look great in the home. I love gold because that is the color that will give your home a bit of energy, uplift your mood, and instantly … Continue reading

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Which Colors Go With Yellow?

First of all, it’s a challenge to find a nice yellow. There is a handful I like, and Lily by Sherwin Williams sure is nice. You can go coastal with this yellow and incorporate blue and a soft white. Personally, … Continue reading

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How To Create A Summer Blend of Colors

Summer is quickly approaching, and color is in the air! What colors come to mind? Topiary Tint, Lighthearted Pink, Pineapple Cream, and Bathe Blue, all by Sherwin Williams. Think grass, sky, sun, water, and flowers. That about sums up those summer … Continue reading

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Jumping The Shark Today; It’s All About Time

I’m going to jump the shark here with this post. I love to write, and it seems that I’ve written about every color topic under the sun here on Decorating by Donna, so today, I’m bringing in more of the … Continue reading

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Decorating With Your Chakras In Mind – (class)

Join me on my MeetUp platform! I’ll be hosting a class ($11) and talking about how color is so important in the home. May 13th, I’ll be talking about blue. Details are all in the MeetUp event. Hope to see … Continue reading

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What Color To Choose for Your Kitchen When You Have Ugly Cabinets

We’ve all seen it, that kitchen that has dreadful cabinets. They may be dated, too light, too dark, too orange or just plain ugly! How do we fix this without replacing them? With color. Here are a few classic options.

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