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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.

How Can Blue Be Protective, Cleansing and Healing?

Color can be healing as you know but how can it be protective and cleansing? Let’s take a closer look at aquamarine and see how it all fits into healing.

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How To Heal Anxiety With Color and Essential Oils

Anxiety is present in so many lives. Are we done with it? I say yes! It won’t be an easy journey but a necessary one. Let’s take back our lives and start feeling good again! Let’s start with color. I’ve … Continue reading

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What Rugs Go With Sea Salt?

Sea Salt remains to be a very popular color. Why? Because it’s fairly neutral meaning that it can go with so many other colors. It’s a nice cross between blue and green and it has a very obvious coastal appeal. … Continue reading

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Waterscape by Sherwin Williams; Can I Use It on My Cabinets?

Waterscape SW 6470 is a great color but will it work on cabinetry? Yes and no. The surrounding decor will be key to how this works. Today I’m sharing an email with you from one of my virtual clients. She … Continue reading

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How To Ease Anxiety With Color

Just about everyone has some form of anxiety at this point. Just about everyone wants to know how to get rid of it. My suggestion? Color of course! The color choices here will vary depending on the person and their … Continue reading

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How To Get Sexy Colors For The Bedroom

What are sexy colors anyway? Are they the reds of Valentine’s Day? Are they seductive purples? How about pink? Sexy colors are a FEELING, a combination of colors that bring a smile to your face. Those colors are the ones … Continue reading

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How Do I Choose Timeless Color For a Large Home?

Today I’m sharing a virtual design that I’m working on. It is a VERY large home with lots of nooks and crannies. When you have a large home, it’s imperative to choose timeless colors because you certainly do not want … Continue reading

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Mediumship and Color

Mediumship and color, this is a BIG topic with various interpretations, but which ones are correct? Let me first start by telling you a bit about myself before I give you my opinion about color and how it ties into … Continue reading

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Superbowl Bowl Sunday Color!

How about a fun post today? This is just one thing I love about color; it can be expressed in so many ways. Here, I have some color you’ll want to sink your teeth into. Buffalo Wings for Super Bowl? … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day; A Day Of Repeating Patterns

What does Groundhog day have to do with color? A lot. So many of us stay in the same pattern of “comfort and ease” like, choosing gray for our homes, because it’s effortless and easy. Why not break that pattern … Continue reading

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