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Is There Just One Perfect Color Palette For The Home?

The colors in this palette are very typical of what most of my clients are looking for. With exception to the yellow, these colors fit really well in most homes.

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What Color Should I Paint My Home?

Isn’t this gorgeous? I just chose this color palette for a client here in Charlotte. Lol, they were ready to paint even before I left their home! I love when clients get that excited over color.

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The Best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette For Your Home

If there is one color palette to have in your home, it’s probably this one. Here’s why.

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Natural Color Palettes For The Home

I don’t know about you but I get inspired by Nature. If you take a photograph of a landscape and look at each of the colors individually, they work perfectly together don’t they? Well that’s Mother Nature for you and … Continue reading

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How Do I Get The Names Of Your Color Palettes?

Getting to the nitty-gritty of my color biz today. Here are some popular services I offer. This is how you can get the names of any color palette you have, in the paint company of your choice. If all you … Continue reading

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Want To Know A Really Easy Way To Bring Coastal Colors Into Your Home?

It’s as simple as this! How To Get The Best Coastal Colors For Your Home from Donna Frasca  

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Love Art? Bring Those Colors Into Your Home

We all have favorite paintings, photographs or art in our homes. Take it one step further and bring those colors into your home BUT on the walls. Here is a detail of a painting I did for someone and I … Continue reading

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She Loved Her Coastal Colors!!!

I love when my Virtual Clients send me feedback about their colors. Here’s one that came in recently that just made smile. Hi Donna, We corresponded a few times since and you recommended Quiet Moments for living room & kitchen … Continue reading

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Are We Still Loving Sea Salt?

Sea Salt is still a very popular Sherwin Williams color. After suggesting it for several Virtual Clients, let me tell you why I like it. I’m showing you a clients graphic and the color I used for them. Why? Because … Continue reading

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Coastal Colors: Spring is the time to coast into those relaxing hues

The Coastal Color Palette is the one to consider if you are updating your home this Spring. This palette is light, airy, comforting and has just enough color to lighten and brighten your space.

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