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Color Wheel Wednesday: Let’s TALK About It

I love flipping through the decks to see which color is for Color Wheel Wednesday.  So fun – let’s chat about … well, you’ll see!

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Color Quickie: 2 Sherwin Williams Colors You Need To Stop Using in Your Home.

I hope you like these Color Quickies! They are short bursts of color information. Ready for this one? Many of you won’t like it!

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Color Quickie: What Can Pink Do For You?

I never used to like pink until I painted my office a color that was between pink and lavender. I didn’t choose this color because it looked pretty. I chose it because I loved the way it felt. It was … Continue reading

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Color Quickie: Lavender to Calm

Purple/Lavender – is so calming. On the days you feel your knickers twisting, focus on this color. Deep breath in, deep breath out.

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Color Quickie: Feeling Blue In The Bedroom?

Honestly, most people do, and it’s no surprise. Blue is still the number one color for the bedroom, and it’s for a very restful reason. Like the elements we find so calming, blue can be found there – from the … Continue reading

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When Do You Need Taupe?

That color that is neither here nor there, neither beige nor gray. What is taupe? It’s what I call a resting color and we all need to rest. Visual rest is important to those who are color sensitive and to … Continue reading

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Color Quickie With Donna Frasca: Seashell OC-120

Come join me for a Color Quickie about Seashell OC-120. Yes you read correctly! I’m chatting about a neutral color that I love! Find out more about these photos in my 5-minute Color Quickie! BEFORE AFTER

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Color For North Facing Rooms

Oh, I know how a dark room looks and feels! When I was growing up, my bedroom was north facing and it always felt cold and looked dark. How did I fix it? With color of course! Come hear what … Continue reading

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What Color Should I Paint My Bathroom?

Once in a while, I get a request to choose colors for just one room in the house. Oddly, this can be a challenge because I can’t see the surrounding rooms. In these cases, I try to give the client … Continue reading

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Color Quickie: Can Color Cure Breast Cancer?

I’m going to be creating more of these short video clips called Color Quickies. Hope you enjoy!

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