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What Color Should I Paint My Meditation Room?

When we meditate, our surroundings must soothe, calm and relax us. After all, this is the point of meditation. What color would you paint your meditation room to visually relax your mind? Here are a few color suggestions for your … Continue reading

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

What do you love? Color inspiration as you well know by now comes from many places. Here I gathered up some graphics that I’ve posted before somewhere in this blog, that just triggers love for me. What are your love … Continue reading

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Colors That Change The Energy Around You

I am not the type of person who dwells on the negative things in life – especially the news. I shut the TV off most of the time because it dwells on all the negative stuff and I will not … Continue reading

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Angel Art. It’s Time To Just Be

Sometimes I have to take a step back and recharge. What drives me to design all these colors? Where do I get my inspirations from? Where do I get energy to create hundreds of color palettes day after day after … Continue reading

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Steampunk; A Very Mechanical Color Palette

It’s men. It’s women. It’s technology . It’s steam-powered machinery. It’s Science Fiction from another century. It’s unique. Steampunk. In case you’re still confused, go and Google Steampunk. How about those images!!! Well my friends, I see an amazing color … Continue reading

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Lean In … and Explore your Paint Color Options

Lean in or back off? When it comes to taking a strong stance in life, whether it’s jobs, opinions or even on cultural messages directed at boys versus girls as mentioned in Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Lean In, taking a … Continue reading

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