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Pokémon Go: Great Colors to Have In Your Home

BIG treat for all you Pokémon Go fans! Today, it’s the color inspiration from the most popular Pokémon iPhone app. Moms, how cool would it be to tell your children that their room will be the color of Delphox or that their bathroom … Continue reading

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10 Cute Colors For A Girls Bedroom

Oh those girls love all kinds of colors! Here are some fun colors that she may like to try. The colors that start with “9” are new Sherwin Williams colors.

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Why Do Kids Love Such Bright Colors For Their Rooms?

Well that’s a good thing! I’m a firm believer in letting kids choose their own bedroom colors after all, it THEIR room. However, if the color keeps you up at night, you should find a happy compromise. Here is a bright … Continue reading

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Steampunk; A Very Mechanical Color Palette

It’s men. It’s women. It’s technology . It’s steam-powered machinery. It’s Science Fiction from another century. It’s unique. Steampunk. In case you’re still confused, go and Google Steampunk. How about those images!!! Well my friends, I see an amazing color … Continue reading

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When Paint Names Don’t Match Their Color

Who doesn’t think that picking names of paint is the best job in the world? I’d love to do that for a living! You sit at a table with a bunch of colors in front of you and start rattling … Continue reading

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How Can You Be Creative in Ugly?

I swear my clients say the darndest things! The other day my client was talking about the color of her kids playroom which was a rather boring, dated, just wrong green. It was Dried Thyme, a Sherwin Williams green. Is this … Continue reading

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White Bedroom Furniture. Timeless or Boring?

If you have a daughter you probably had or have this type of furniture in her room. White, off-white or pickled bedroom furniture seems to be the go to color for a  little girls room but what happens when she’s … Continue reading

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Colors for kids bedrooms. They’re going to be bright!

I can almost put money on it – whenever I go into a clients home and get to the kids bedrooms, I can tell the age of the child just by looking at the color on the wall. Kids choose … Continue reading

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If I were a Zombie, what color should I paint my bedroom?

With the Zombie Apocalypse right around the corner, I have a feeling color trends will be changing. Always have to keep up with the current colors right? Well here are the latest Zombie colors to consider for your bedroom.

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How to choose color for a kids room

Bet you didn’t know how really easy it is to choose color for a kids room. I’ll show you how.

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