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The Perfect Colors For Men

Do men actually have “go-to” colors? There are certain colors that men gravitate towards and yes, there is a grouping that I find they prefer. I know some men will say they do not agree with these color choices yet … Continue reading

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What Color Should I Paint My Man Cave?

It’s all about the man cave today – and color of course. This is a video that I’d like to reshare with you. It’s from Superbowl weekend 2014. Enjoy your day!

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Get Your Man Cave Colors Ready for The Super Bowl

Is your man cave ready for the Super Bowl? Come listen to my tips for the man cave or home bar and why dark colors may work best.

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How To Turn Your Home Into A Man Cave When You Have Pinky Beige Tile

I recently received an email from a Gentleman with a dilemma. He has pinky beige tile through his entire house but removing the tile is not an option. What’s a man to do?

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Red is Just So Darn Sexy! Which Room in The Home Should or Could Be Red?

Where do we put red in the home? In the dining room Kitchen? Bedroom? Bathroom? Keeping in mind that red is a sexy color and a powerful one at that, do you really want red in your home? Where would … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 2013 in the Big Easy. Go Catch Your Color!

When I heard that Superbowl 2013 is in New Orleans a huge smile came to my face. Not that I’m a football fan by any means but because I was in New Orleans and had the time of my life! … Continue reading

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What exactly is Castle Color?

My client in the Skyecroft subdivision of Weddington, put a fun spin on my consultation. It started off as a request for Traditional color palette (easy one) but as I got to the home, I heard the words “I’d like to … Continue reading

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How should I paint my bonus room?

There are so many things you can do with your bonus room or F.R.O.G. [family-room-over-garge] as we call it in our home. Many, if not all the homes here in South Charlotte have these bonus rooms. They of course vary … Continue reading

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