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The Healing Power of Red

Red is all about the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is about family and relationships. This video is about how I used red to help me heal after cutting cords with a family member.

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New Service for 2023 – LIVE Virtual Color Consultations

How fun is this? You and I can “meet” LIVE via ZOOM to get all your color needs complete. Have questions about color? Let’s meet on ZOOM to discuss all your color questions. Fill out the form below to contact … Continue reading

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Let’s Chat About Color That Feels Good!

Come enjoy this 7-minute video, with slides, as I tell you why I choose certain colors for the home. 

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The Psychic Who Does it Virtually!

I like to say that my psychic ability is similar to a cheat sheet, especially when it comes to virtual designs. Come see how I “saw” colors for a rug for this virtual consultation.

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When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Buy Pink Lipstick

Hey, you gotta do whatever works right? Color Therapy does it for me!

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How Does A “Colorful Clairvoyant” Destress and Regroup?

I spent way more time behind my computer and on my phone than I want to think about. Now that my book is published, I don’t have to dedicate so much time to the computer although, I love to write, … Continue reading

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Mood Boosting Color

Combining two primary colors that alone are high-energy colors now creates a mood. A burst of fresh energy to put a smile on your face.

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Intuitive Color Expert Designs Inspirational Hues for your Home

Come enjoy some of my inspirational color palettes that connect you to places you love, feelings you want to remember, and colors you want for your home. Please note I can create any of these color palettes for you in … Continue reading

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Color For North Facing Rooms

Oh, I know how a dark room looks and feels! When I was growing up, my bedroom was north facing and it always felt cold and looked dark. How did I fix it? With color of course! Come hear what … Continue reading

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2021 Color Blends; Bringing Two Colors Together

The end of the year is in our sights and it’s the time I start to think about the next year in color. 2020 has been, how can I say, unexpected to say the least. What can we expect for … Continue reading

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