Donna Frasca, Author

So much has happened in the past few years, and one of them that I’m proud of, I published my first book. Every year I create a small Bucket List, and one of the things on that list is to write a book.

Between some of the content in this blog, and my everyday life, there was enough content to write several books but one was the goal.

In my memoir, I write about the experiences I went through. Some of these experiences were your basic psychic hits, ESP’s, vivid dreams, and just those odd coincidences that most of us get from time to time. Then, I write about experiences that I released that were not the norm, such as time travel, bilocation, seeing Angels, and talking to and seeing passed loved ones. At that point, I realized that I was walking a particular path, and I needed to dig deep into those experiences and embrace them.

As I wrote my book I realized that from the time I was very young, I have been in training to be a psychic medium and a very colorful clairvoyant. Those tiles really belong as one now as I invite you inside my mind and watch all those experiences unfold.

I present to you, From Color To The Cosmos; Inside The Mind of A Medium.

color to the cosmos book