Color That Heals

As 2020 comes to an end, there is so much that we need to put behind us so we can begin 2021 refreshed. I am updating this blog to do just that.
Over the years, I’ve had two blogs that I’ve been working on, this one and, these blogs will blend.

healing color

My focus is and always will be color, but the way I go about it is very different than most Designers. As a Psychic Medium, I can’t help but tap into that extra sense to provide you with the colors that I see and feel around you. This service offers intuitive color for your home and takes it to a much deeper level as I tap into those soul colors for your home.

Please read my ABOUT page to find out more about what I do but know that every single color I choose for you will have a holistic meaning and feeling for your home. These are colors that FEEL good in your home and colors you connect with on a soul level.

7 Responses to Color That Heals

  1. Sarah says:

    Hello Donna, I have a 1951 north-facing house with replacement windows in greenish beige and all trim in brown-stained pine. Is there a soothing neutral you can recommend for unifying these images; yellow makes the look too acidic. I like whites, pinks, creams, greens and fresh blue. Thank you.

    • Donna Frasca says:

      I had a North facing window in my room when I was a kid. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I painted the room brown and I looked like death. Bad move.

      Years later when I gained my color knowledge I painted it a pretty peach and installed a light green carpet (don’t judge – it was the 80’s) and it was like a HUGE light came on in the room. It was bright and beautiful.

      I would suggest the same for you. A lot will depend on your lighting (where you live) and the undertone of your window trim and flooring. I can’t really suggest a color without seeing the greenish beige but suggesting a light green is moving in a good direction. I’d stay away from the pinks and blues.

      and PS – green is a great healing color for the home 🙂

      Try Springview Green 491 by Benjamin Moore. It’s a light color with a green undertone and it’s falls into the mint category that is becoming popular now. You can tone it down with Dune Grass 492 also. Both are great colors but a lot will depend on your flooring color to ensure these colors will work.

  2. Tarra Clark says:

    Hi there I just found your page and I’M IN LOVE! I just recently purchased a home that was floor to ceiling, every room, blue and dusty pink flower and birds WALLPAPER! I have spent 3 months taking it all down. My front room is set up as my tv room for my kids and I. It faces north east and it has amazing sun all morning. I have dorset white built ins and a tan couch set. Parkay floors are staying for now. I have 1 dark wood piece that holds my tv. I was going for a cottage white/ shabby chic look through the whole house but I want some colour too. I’m studying holistic nutrition and I’m very into everything healing and the universe. I have some silver pieces ie: Buddha head and clock. This is my first house as a single woman and I now have the chance to make it all about my passion. I saw your colour bubbles with #5 standing out to me. I want my house to be happy and healing. Can you suggest something for this front room as it’s the first I want to finish for Christmas.
    Thank you!

  3. Donna Frasca says:

    I love that – “Color Bubbles!” So much better than the squares and rectangles that are all over Pinterest now. The reason I like these bubbles is because as the circles overlap, new colors are created.

    Green will be my color push for a while now. Blue needs to go away and gray is just lifeless – YUK. Having said that, if you follow my color bubbles (love that) you’ll notice I highlight the greens – I have been since 2009 on my blogs.

    Holistically speaking, green is the hue to have in the home – any green – even those wild, bright greens but in moderation of course.

    I LOVE the greens that you find in the Sage and Dusty Miller plant. These two greens are not only beautiful but they will go with the current colors that you probably have in your home. You may have to tweak them a bit to find the right shade of course.

    The main thing to give your home a happy and healing feeling is to make sure YOU connect with the colors that you are choosing, no matter what they are because you are drawn to them for a reason. What is that reason? Only you know.

    Good luck with your colors and keep in mind I have a Virtual Color Consultation service available if you need additional help.

  4. Angie Carlotta says:

    Hi Donna, I just stumbled on your page somehow and thought maybe you could make a suggestion, I would be so grateful.
    Im turning a small dining room at the very end of a weird shaped house that has a large sunny window into my art studio. I sorta decided on a Coastal Beach Theme since thats my happy place. But I dont know what color or colors I should go with that Ill feel comfort and inspiration all day, I have one buttery oak? desk thats coming along and a Oynx round table that I want in there..
    Floors will be a rustic wood on the darker side to match the house for a flow or I can opt for something different. I dont like Mint green or bright yellow and I need Matte colors.
    And Go – thx.,,
    ps. sure wish u live closer for the rieke.

  5. Jody Livingston says:

    Hi my name is Jody. I am about to move in my Father’s house for knee surgery. And the room Im going to be in during my recovery is the office room very ugly and very stressful. I need to pick a nice calm healing color to paint it so that I am comfortable during my healing process. Do you have any suggestions for me? I would so much appreciate it.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your surgery Jodi. What color is the office now? Whatever it is, if you don’t like it, there won’t be much healing going on in that room.

      There are SO many choices here and I know I’m about to be vague but lots depend on the decor that you have in the room.

      Can you blend in perhaps a blue? Benjamin Moore Aura paint in the Color Stories collection has some really beautiful colors.
      Antique Glass is beachy an up lifting.

      Butter Cookie is warm and bright like a summer morning.

      Kept Love Letters is pink, girly and youthful.

      And Intuition is like the bluest sky you’ve ever seen.

      It really depends what you like – they are all good and if you don’t like Aura paint, you can find similar colors in most decks.

      Good luck, take care of yourself and thank you for commenting!

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