Spring Into Color

Now is the best time of year to experiment with color. It’s the beginning of a new season so why don’t you try some new colors?

Spring into color

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When Working With Angels Completes A Color Consultation

As you may noticed, I have several blogs. One is www.AngelHug234.com and the other is this one. When I work on my color consultations, I incorporate expertise from BOTH venues because that is who I am and the tag line say I like to use is “From Color to the Cosmos.” Come read how working with Angels and color benifets the client.

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Tap Into Color To Find Out How They Feel

Next time you look at color, note how you feel. Does it make you happy, comfortable, calm, safe? Those are the colors that you should have either in your home or in your wardrobe.


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Special Color For Special Needs Home

Every now and then I get a l client who needs special colors because of health concerns or special needs children. THIS is why I love what I do! It’s more than just pigment on the wall. It’s healing hues for the house ❤
This dining room was dark and dreary and really depressing for any home. Here I added Coral Reef and instantly brought light and healing into this room.
Yes. That’s what color can do.
color for special needs home
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Decorating by Donna Goes International

Oh this is such a nice milestone for me! I’ve been in the design business for over 30 years and have clients all over the country and now, all over the world. Come hear about my latest virtual consultation from Hungary.

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Color Therapy Month: Why Do We Love Blue?

Ok – since it’s Color Therapy Month I’ll be posting about color (nothing unusual here, I always do lol ) for the entire month but highlighting how it heals.

Here we have a gorgeous Hemi-sphere Azurite. Look at that blue! Blue is still one of the most popular color choices for the home. Why? Well for so many reasons but I feel that the #1 reason is … because it FEELS good. Blue reminds people of either a coastal vacation they had or in this case, perhaps staring at the night sky which always feels amazing.

This particular blue also represents the 3rd Eye Chakra which is all about our Insights. Can you SEE having this blue in your home? I think it’s awesome.

healing color of blue

credit: Amazing Geologist

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Can The Colors In Your Home Be Friends?

I received this comment in one of my posts and it was blog worthy. Can some color be friends in your home or will the forever be enemies?

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What If I Just Need One Color?

Need just one color for a room in your home? I have a Basic Color Consultation for only $85. Here you’ll receive three color suggestions for that space. Send me a picture and you’ll get your colors within 24 hours. It’s a really easy way to choose color.

A basic color consultation for your home

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Is Gray Finally Starting To Slip Away?

…and on the side of color – here is yet another example of a color palette I designed for a client who requested not to use gray. Are we finally watching the gray trend come to an end? Say amen!

decorating by donna color palettes no gray

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What Does Healing Color Look Like?

Healing color can look like many colors but the real question to ask is “what does healing color FEEL like?”

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