Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Decoded

Finally, we find out WHY Sea Salt is so popular! When you dig deep into what color is made up of and what it represents, the mystery is solved.

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Dreamy, Catnap Colors

I’m getting drowsy just looking at these colors! They are calm, soothing and if you’re sensitive to color, you should be very comfortable with how they feel; and comfort is what it’s all about!

What do you see? Do you see the softness of a lavender field in the first color? Good!

Do you see the delicate almost translucent color of a cup of chamomile tea in color #2? Good!

How about the beautiful orange essence of sandalwood in color #3? Excellent!

Can you sense the citrusy, musky, and very calming effect color #4 has? Wonderful!

These are perfect colors for the bedroom where you can rest not only your mind, but your entire body. Surround yourself in these sleepy hues. They are available for purchase in Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore or Valspar for $50. Email Donna at: for details.

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Color Wheel Wednesday: Bitter Chocolate

This is a MUST see video! It’s probably how I’ll be doing my posts from now on, very interactive. Watch this ZOOM presentation and see how one color, Bitter Chocolate, is the color you need. Why? It’s all about connecting.

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Greens To Get You Grounded

Grounding or earthing, is simply touching the earth’s surface with your bare skin by walking barefoot on the grass, dirt, or sand. New research is pointing to the possibility that connecting to the electrical conductivity of the earth’s surface may regulate different functions within the body. If you can’t physically go outside, you can bring the outside in with the colors of nature. Here I have three earthy greens that will instantly ground you just by a glance.

I am working on my root chakra which is the grounding chakra. Your base chakras HAVE to be strong and balanced before you can work on any other chakras. We all know we need a strong base. Having said that, I’ve been spending TONS of time outside grounding and earthing. Use the power of color. Here I have some greens to consider to bring into your home or even to wear. Set your intentions to connect and ground when you are outside

This is all about keeping your chakras nice and healthy.

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Three Prefect Coastal Colors For Your Home

Why are they perfect? I’ve designed many coastal color palettes over the years and found a handful that are must-haves for the home. These three colors capture the essence of the beach from the sky to the sand. The soft beachgrass green partners with that watery blue. Coming up on shore, feel welcomed by a warm gray of the sand.

This color palette is available for purchase for $50 and is available in Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore or Valspar. Ask for details at

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How To Discover Your Color Style

When we choose color for our home, we literally put our all into that process, our mind, body and spirit. These are colors that we, and all members of the family, will be living with for a while. So how do you choose colors for your home? Like I always say, “You gotta feel them.”

Here is a graphic that include the seven basic colors that you could chose for your home depending on what your color style is. How do you know what your color style is? Well, let’s chat about that.

Starting with purple, this is the color of the crown chakra. Many people, myself included, will choose purple somewhere in the home where they want to enhance their spirituality. This could be a meditation room, a yoga area, or even a bedroom. Yes, purple represents your spirituality, but it’s also an incredibly relaxing color like you’d find in a spa. They choose those purple hues for a reason.

Navy, or indigo blue, is a very popular accent color to have in the home. Navy, of course, is nautical, dense color and one that clearly sets a statement in the room. It also represents the 3rd eye chakra, and that’s all about insights. This color is perfect for the very visual person, has a strong intuition, perhaps even on the psychic side, has a vivid imagination, and has a very strong spiritual awareness. This is a great color to have in the home, and it can be anywhere from the bedroom to the office. Great, great color. Look at Indigo Batik from Sherwin Williams; I’ve used it many times for my clients.

Blue, this color is in most homes, mostly coastal blues. Why is that? Sky blue represents the throat chakra. This hue is all about communication, self expression, knowing and expressing your inner truth and authentic self. See why so many people love this color?

Green is MY favorite color, and yes, it is 100% my color style to the T! Green represents the heart chakra, which is to the core, love, and compassion. I usually chose green for either bedrooms or living rooms where the family gathers. I personally love sage and silvery greens with a hint of patina thrown in. The people who LOVE nature will fill their homes up with plants if they don’t want to commit to green wall color. 

Yellow is not that popular for wall color but considering what it represents, on some level, there is a lot of it in the home. This color is also seen in beige, yes a very typical neutral, but still way better to have in the home than gray. I love the creamy, buttery yellows and even gold for when I need a strong kick in the pants to get me going. This is a great color for the home office or work out area. It truly is an empowering color in any shade.

Orange is another very dense, powerful color. It represents the sacral chakra where our creativity and emotions reside. Most people gravitate towards spicy orange for the home, and it’s a lovely color; I had it in my bathroom and in my office at one time. Keep in mind it is a heavy, dense color, so it may be too much for some people. It is also suitable for an art studio or place where people create or write. It’s a motivational hue.

Last but not least, red. This is a color not usually seen in the home these days, years ago, yes, but not so much today. From pink, mauve, and blood-red, this hue is POWERFUL. It is not recommended for families who have energy issues such as ADHD or who are color sensitive. I’d save red for the teapot. Do I have red in my home? Guilty! But I have a deep, muted burgundy in the bar area. It’s cozy and I find it very relaxing actually. My sofas have red in them as well.

This is interesting; in one statement, I said red is a very powerful and high energy, and then I say it relaxes me. It all depends on what shade of red you have in your home and what type of person you are. This is all about color style and what feels good to YOU. No book or blog is 100% right when it comes to saying what color means because it’s all about how YOU feel about color. That is the beauty of finding your own color style that is unique to you!

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When Choosing Color Is As Easy As 1,2,3

I’m always looking for a new way to present beautiful color palettes for you. This week I’ve been working on a few, and I really like this design. Here I have a wash of color in the center and on the sides; you can see three colors that I’ve pulled out from it.

This is a soft gray/green color palette that will suit most home decors. This sage green is soft yet strong enough to dominate but not overtake this palette. I like it because warm grays neutralize for the people who don’t want strong color in the home.

Like all my color palettes, this one is for sale ($50).) I’m making them affordable for you, so you don’t have to do the hard work of making sure everything matches. If anyone is interested in buying this ready-made color palette, please contact me at for details. This is available in Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Valspar.

Color palette for sale
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How To Add Purple and Green To Your Bedroom

I love finding the perfect color combinations in nature. Here I have a Lamb Ear plant that has the perfect balance of purple and green. I partially love the silvery green in this plant. What makes it even better, it has a soothing shade of purple.

purple, green bedroom color, crown chakra, heart chakra, soothing, nature

Why do I like this color palette so much? I’ve mentioned it so many times in this blog that green is my favorite color. Green also represents the heart chakra so what better color to have in the home than green?

To answer my own question, well purple of course! Purple represents the crown chakra which connects you to your spiritual. That is pretty important to get you on the road to start reminding yourself and how you feel. I’m not talking religion I’m talking about finding a color that gets you connected to your soul, your spirit. When you find that place, trust me when I tell you it’s a place of calm.

By the way, how do you like my graphic? I’m changing up my graphics to make them stand out a bit from all the others you see on Pinterest. I love pinterest and am in the process of spending more time there. Come join me! It’s there where I’m combing both my worlds, from color to the cosmos.

So here you have this beautiful color palette that I designed. I highly recommend this for the bedroom. Think calm, soothing and relaxing as a bedroom should be.

As always, all my color palettes are for sale. If you like this color palette, send me an email at and I can transpose these colors into Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore or Valspar. I’m going to recommend that this palette will look best in Valspar because Valspar has the best selection of greens. Enjoy!

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Will This Be My Moms Last Mother’s Day?

My mom is 84 years old and suffers from dementia. She doesn’t remember the Mother’s Day card I bought her two days ago but thankfully, she remembers me.

As every holiday goes by, I ask myself, “Will this be mom’s last?” and I hate that I think that and need to stop. Instead of wasting a beautiful holiday wondering if it will be the last, I should be embracing the moment with her.

Is she the same vibrant mom from years ago? No, and I miss those deep conversations and the look into my eyes like she could see my soul. She talks, I listen, I talk she looks at me but it feels like she’s not there. How do I get over this feeling?

As a psychic medium I of all people should know that energy life goes on after we die. The physical part ends but the connection remains. If we’re lucky, we’ll even get those spirit visits that validate our questions. These visits also come in when we need it the most.

So I’m going to get off my pity wagon, call my mom and tell her I love her. I have a lifetime of memories with her and more are still in the making.

Hug your moms, embrace her spirt.

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Colors That Heal Stress and Depression

Out of all the topics to write about when it comes to color, I can’t stray away from talking about colors that heal. So many of us, myself included, struggle with stress and anxiety, and there is a straightforward solution to how we can make ourselves feel better, and it’s not a pill. It’s color.

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