Look How Great Color On The Ceiling Looks

The other day I wrote a post “Say Good-Bye To The White Ceiling” and today, I want to show you how awesome color on the ceiling looks.

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Classic Coastal Colors For The Home With A Twist of Lavender

When you say “Coastal Colors” certain hues come to mind. However, there are so many more colors that can be found at the beach from pale yellows to lavender.

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Say Good Bye To The White Ceiling!

What?  Yes! Come watch the video and hear what I have to say about ceilings.


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We Eat With Our Eyes First – Really!

We eat with our eyes right? Why’s that? Because of the color!!! If you are drawn to certain foods because of their color, why not use those colors somewhere in your home?

color for your eyes and home

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The Holistic Living Room

Did you know that the colors pink and green are associated with the Heart Chakra?
Choose any pink or green that you are drawn too – make sure they look pretty together – and put them in your living room.
What better colors to have in the room where the family gathers right? Colors of the heart ❤
The Holistic living room
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Sea Salt Is A Perfect Holistic Color For The Home

The great thing about Sea Salt is that it’s not green, it’s not blue and it’s not gray. It’s all those these hues together that create a very Holistic color choice for the home.

Sea Salt is the perfect Holistic color for the home

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The Power of Color

The power of Color is so strong. It affects us on such a subliminal level, but it does. Green has extreme healing properties as well as yellow. Wear them or bring them into your home but definitely, climb to new heights with the colors that are healthy for you.

the power of color

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Have The Winter Blues? Add Gold To Your Home

I can’t tell you how gold saved my life! I lived in Pittsburgh for 15 years and the winters were no joke. The Fall/Winter seasons were long and gray and if you had depression issues, you were in for a VERY long Winter.

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Yellow Is The Color Of Joy, Empowerment and Healing

Not only is yellow the color of Joy and Empowerment it’s also a very healing hue. Think of how good you feel when you see the sun or even these yellow roses. Incorporate yellow into your home for not only a warm and welcoming visual but also for a holistic addition that you’ll pick up on a subliminal level.

yellow is the color of healing and joy

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Choosing Color Is A Choice

Color is all about choices. What do you feel most comfortable with? As we gaze at a gorgeous sunset, I don’t know about you but I like to calm down and reflect on what I did that day and start thinking about what I’ll do tomorrow. What’s done today is done. What we can do tomorrow is a choice 

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