What Color Should I Paint My Laundry Room?

The laundry room, if you’re “lucky” enough to have one, is the one room in the home where you can have tons of fun with color.

Most laundry rooms have doors so if you would choose a color that is, a little out there, who cares! Just close the door.

The main thing is to choose  color that you love and that feels fun to you. After all, you might as well be surrounded by your favorite colors while you’re in there right? Right.

laundry room color

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Color Can Get VERY Deep

After talking about color for over thirty years, I find comfort in knowing that there’s more to color than just pigment on the wall. There’s color in EVERYTHING so pay attention to those things that catch your attention.

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When Sea Salt Looks Minty

I got an email this morning about Sea Salt that I’d like to share with you.

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Give Your Mom The Gift Of Color This Year

I offer so many color options for your home. You can choose just one color for the room of Mom’s choice for $15 or color for her entire home. Contact me to find out what you need. Color makes a great gift ❤


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What Comes First, Paint or Decor?

Decor boards! Once you have your color palette set, find the decor based around that. Some Designers work “backwards” and choose the color palette last. Why would you want to do that the walls in your home MAKE up the largest part of your home? Color palette first then decor. Once you have your color palette you can order larger chips to bring with you as you shop – shop smart.


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Color Tip: Echo Your Kitchen Color Somewhere Else In The Home

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the Virtual Design boards that I work on. I’ll call them Color Tips.

When choosing color for you kitchen, tie it in somewhere else in the home. Most kitchens don’t have that much wall space because of all the cabinetry and appliances so just echo the color elsewhere in the home.

kitchen color for the home


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Need A Classic Color Palette For Your Home? This Is How I Sell Them

I posted this graphic several times before but it’s such a great color palette to have for the home, especially if you have an open floor plan. How do you go about getting it? Here’s how.

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Having Bad Color In The Home Is No Joke

There is nothing funny about having an ugly room. As we all know at this point, when we SEE an ugly color, we sure FEEL it don’t we. What do you feel when you see this room? Nauseous?


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Spring Into Color

Now is the best time of year to experiment with color. It’s the beginning of a new season so why don’t you try some new colors?

Spring into color

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When Working With Angels Completes A Color Consultation

As you may noticed, I have several blogs. One is www.AngelHug234.com and the other is this one. When I work on my color consultations, I incorporate expertise from BOTH venues because that is who I am and the tag line say I like to use is “From Color to the Cosmos.” Come read how working with Angels and color benifets the client.

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