4 Easy Steps To Get Professional Color For Your Home

Virtual color consultations are fun, easy and affordable. Who would think that you can get professional color advice that works, in the comfort of your home office? Well you can! Come see how these 4 easy steps can get you the colors you need for your home.

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What Paint Should I Use If I Have VERY Little Natural Light In My Home?

Every now and then have a client who has a house with VERY little natural light. It’s a challenge choosing colors for these type of homes especially since most of my clients are virtual.

After trying several OTC (over the counter) colors as I call them, I call in the specialty paints. What are they? Benjamin Moore Color Stories.

Think light, think bright. Consider the Color Stories Collection. The downfall? Way too expensive at $70 a gallon but, it just may be the colors you’re looking for.

color to use for homes with little light

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Why Don’t I Show The Names of My Color Palettes?

Some people get upset that I ask a design fee to offer the color names of ALL my color palettes. Why I ask? I do all the hard work for you and make sure that each of these colors work well with each other.

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Color You’d Love To Eat

Would you ever chose a paint color by the name alone? I don’t know, this color is looking mighty yummy to me! Brown is actually a grounding color and can be used as an accent feature in the home. I have a similar brown on just one wall in my bathroom and it feels so cozy and night in the bath with all the candles.


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Going Beyond Color

When a client calls asking about color choices for them, many times it’s not about the color but the emotional connection to how they feel. Like I’ve been saying for SO long now, color and feelings go hand in hand. This is why I’m an “Intuitive” Color Expert. It’s been able to tap into that special place to make a connection. Color is really the last step ❤



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But I LOVE Purple! A Super Healing Hue For The Home

Talk about a healing color! Purple represents the Crown Chakra, the Chakra that connects us to our Source, Divine – you know, the Head Honcho? Anyway, many of us love purple but where does it fit into the home?

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Affordable Virtual Color Consultations; How My Intuitive Design Process Was Born

Need color for you home and don’t know of a Designer in your area? You don’t NEED a Designer to come to your home in order to get professional color advice. I’m talking about my Virtual Color Consultations that are SO easy and SO affordable. Having a Color Expert come to your home will soon be a thing of the past.

I’ve been designing color palettes this way for decades and I won’t have it any other way. As a matter of fact, I turn down my LIVE clients and offer them Virtual Designs, this way both of us save time and money. Come hear how I add a “special twist” to my Virtual consults which is why they are so successful.


Example if a Virtual Design board

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What Colors Should I Have In My Home If I’m Sensitive To Color?

Did you ever look at a look and cringe? Not because it was an ugly color but because you could “feel” it? I hear this very often from my clients. They say they are sensitive to color and a very specific color palette is chosen for them. Let’s take a look as some colors will help and some that will hurt.

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How To Use Bold Color In Your Living Room

I usually don’t share client information but this one was a must. It’s EXTREMELY rare when clients ask for bold color for their home. Here’s how to pull that look off.

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What Are Farmhouse Rustic Colors?

A client of mine just asked for farmhouse Rustic colors and I just thought that was so refreshing! I get so may requests for coastal color schemes it sure is nice when something different pops in. Again, I can’t share the names of this color palette because a client purchased it but I’d still like to share what she chose.

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