Sherwin William’s Finally Taps Into Wellness and Holistic Hues When It Comes To Color For The Home!

No one is more excited than I am about Sherwin Williams right now! Finally, they’ve tapped into holistic hues and wellness when it comes to color for the home. I’ve been posting for years about holistic and healing hues for the home and I’ve been waiting for some of the major paint companies to join in.


Finally, they are awake and talking about holistic hues for the home!

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First Light: It Should Be The First Color You See In The Morning and The Last Color You See At Night

How? By putting it on the ceiling. First Light by Benjamin Moor is a beautiful color but you have to know where to put it. The obvious choice is on the walls and everyone is flipping out but hold on, think about what this color can do when it’s the last color you see at night and the first color you see in the morning.


First LIght will be the first thing you see if … you put it on the ceiling.

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Bring The Element of Metal Into The Home To Help Release Grief

As summer turns to Autumn, the Elements also change. Switching from the Fire of Summer to the Metal of Autumn, now is the time to balance our inner strength as you let go of grief.

What does Metal have to do with grief? Learning about the Elements is so fascinating and a big subject at that. All the Elements somehow connect to your mind, body, and spirit.

The Element of Metal Helps Release Guilt

As we prepare for winter, there’s no reason we can’t bring a little bling into the home. Metallics do more to the home than make it shine, it lightens the soul as well.

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When You Connect With Color

Like Lake Lure wasn’t magical enough this weekend, I find a gift shop that had this! It’s rare to find purple, let alone this much in a Labradorite. This piece is the size of my hand and was only $19! This should have been at least double that price. #FromColorToTheCosmos … and thank you Cosmos 💜

The Magic Of Purple

When you connect with color.

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Feeling A Shift In Color And In Life

As Sherwin Williams announced NAVAL SW6244 I felt like I got pushed back about 10 years in time. How? Just by seeing the same old colors year after year after year. I know there are only so many colors in the wheel but there are a TON of colors in the wheel and Sherwin Williams continues to play it safe and quite frankly, boring. I’m not saying that Navel is not a good color because it is but, it’s a little long in the tooth. No sooner did they post this color of the year, there were a hefty handful of people with pictures already, saying yes, I have it on my door, in my bathroom, in my living, etc. They loved the color and have been loving it for years. Anyway …

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The Best Color For Staging Your Home And It Is NOT Gray

Surprise! It is NOT gray in any way, shape or form. Please stop using gray in the home! Gray needs to be sent back to the cemetery where it belongs not in the holistic home where people are living, enjoying life, trying to be healthy and working really hard on self-healing. So what color is highly recommended by me, a Holistic designer and one who is extremely sensitive to color and how it feels in the home? Come see.

The Best Color For Staging Your Home And It Is NOT Gray

Please stop using gray in the home! Gray needs to be sent back to the cemetery where it belongs not in the holistic home where people are living

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Be Careful With The Power Of Red

It’s funny, as the days go on and I continue to deeply study color, mostly on spiritual levels, I’m finding out that red is a very complicated color. There are TONS of meaning behind this hue. Be careful bringing red into the home where it’s going to be seen every day. To intuitively wear red is fine.

The Power Of Red

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Happy Friday The 13th AND Full Moon!

Wow, talk about a lucky day! How exciting, a full moon and it’s on Friday the 13th. Don’t freak out, it’s all good. Just remember, if you attract fear and bad luck, guess what? You’ll get it. Think beautiful, happy, positive thoughts today, and manifest that!

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Lavender Enhances Your Spiritual Awareness

Lavender and all shades of purple have been showing up for me for the last solid week. It’s the clothes I wear, the Chakra glasses I’m drawn to, the crystals I like and I even see my friends wearing a lot of purple. What does it mean when you see the same colors over and over again?

Lavender Enhances Your Spiritual Awareness

Lavender is more than just a lighter shade of purple, it’s a color that connect you to your Crown Chakra and your Spiritual awareness.

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What Color Connects Me To Source?

I haven’t posted about Angels on my page for a while and since it’s Sunday, it feels fitting. Angels would also be the COSMOS part of my hashtag #FromColorToTheCosmos. See how it all fits in?

As you all should know by now, I LOVE color. Taking that one step further I bought what I call Chakra glasses. They are pretty much basic sunglasses that are tinted to various colors that just happen to be Chakra colors.

Purple connects us to our Source

Purple is the color that is represented by Archangel Zadkiel who also represents the Crown Chakra.

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