Decorating With Sea Salt: Design Boards Show You How

One of the other services I offer are Design Boards. This are a great way to show you how you can tie in a color such as Sea Salt, in an organized way.

Decorating With Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams

Sea Salt is such a popular color by Sherwin Williams and there is SO much you can do with it. I offer DESIGN BOARDS that can suggest a few ideas.

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Fire Up The Passion In Your Home With Red

Here is a perfect example of what red can be. It’s hot, passionate, primal and forceful. It represents the element of FIRE.

Yes red is a great color to have in the home but be careful where you put it. It also has a softer side which is achievement, motivation, tapping into our spontaneity and is just pure untamed energy.

Bring in the element of fire into your home with red

It’s one hot color and means so much. Red is one hue to definitely have in the home.

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How To Add Joy To Your Home By Changing Your Paint Colors

We all want our homes to LOOK good but it’s more important that they FEEL good. This can be achieved by using color. Come hear how to bring JOY in to your home using Color Stories by Benjamin Moore.

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What Color Should I Paint My Craftsman Style Home?

I love the Craftsman style home and this home, looks best in the Historical colors of Sherwin Williams. The colors for this home can be earthy but still have a touch of color pop as long as it fits into the feel of the home. What does that mean? It has to coordinate with the other elements of the home. Come see.

Color for my Craftsman Style Home

Keep this style home classic but modernized as well.

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What Color Should I Paint My Music Room?

I recently had a client and a virtual request asking for color suggestions for a music room. Now this is a very interesting topic. Aren’t music rooms just like any other room in the home? No. Here’s why.

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How Can Yellow Strengthen My Personal Power, Joy and Empowerment?

Are you enjoying this Chakra series? Color has some reach and it’s not just pigment for your walls, it’s for your Mind, Body and Spirit. Not a fan of yellow? Maybe you will be after this post.

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What Color Is Anger?

As I write this blog post I’m angry. I should be happy because my last kid is finally moving out and I once again, will be an empty nester. This is a milestone for both her and hubs and I. Instead, I’m angry and those are the colors I’m going to write about today.

What does Anger Look Like?

If anger were represented by colors, which colors would you see?

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Which Colors Will Go With Revere Pewter HC-172?

Like Revere Pewter? Yes it’s a gray and there are so many colors that you can use with it but let’s think outside the box just a bit and look at three colors that maybe, you wouldn’t think of.


Revere Pewter is Benjamin Moores number one color but what other colors will go with it?

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Come Celebrate Spring With Pastels On The Ceiling

Happy first day of Spring! Now is the time to start fresh, dig into those new beginnings and perhaps even move forward with your spring home improvements. As we leave behind winter and the long, cold nights we can start thinking about reviving our home with colors that have new life. Are they pastels? Maybe!


Bring on the pastels for your home. They are soft, light colors that can be introduced to your home in unexpected places.

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Green Helps Heal The Heart

Since it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, I’m going for the green! I’m not talking about four leaf Clovers I’m talking Heart Chakra.

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