The Perfect Colors For Babies

The best thing about my “Perfect Colors For” series is that I do all the work for you. Like one of my color palettes? Just ask and it can be yours!

Here I have The Perfect Colors For Babies. If you notice, they are perhaps the typical colors you’d see or used to see in nurseries. The reason I said “used to” is because now, there are SO many nurseries that are gray. GRAY! I don’t know about you but gray DOES NOT BELONG IN A NURSERY! Let’s explore these colors a bit more.

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The Perfect Colors For Men

Do men actually have “go-to” colors? There are certain colors that men gravitate towards and yes, there is a grouping that I find they prefer.

I know some men will say they do not agree with these color choices yet there will be many who will love these hues in their home.


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The Perfect Colors For Color Sensitive People

It seems like today’s people are becoming more and more sensitive not only to life in general but also to color. How do you choose color for a client who says, “Help! I’m sensitive to color!”

Right off the bat, color for color-sensitive people does not have to be boring. You can have a beautiful color palette, but it needs to gentle to the eyes and soothing to the soul. This is a color palette for people who are sensitive to color.

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What Is The Best Hallway Color?

I highly suggest this color because I have it in my home and know it works. It’s the perfect blend between a beige, a gray, and a soft white.

Like life, unless I see it, feel it or experience it, it’s just hearsay, or it doesn’t exist, and yes, that applies to color as well. I also really love Valspar colors, especially their Historic Trust colors. Why? Because it seems like EVERYONE has Sherwin Williams in their home and the looks are getting saturated, there is no uniqueness anymore. Valspar has a beautiful array of colors from earthy to bright, and if you combine the right ones, it is a knockout color palette.

The Best Hallway Color For Your Home

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Getting Back To Basics From The Inside Out

I saw this photo on Boho homes and just fell in love with the way it feels. It’s natural, not manicured and has a beautiful energy and life if you can pick up on the elements here. THIS is what our directions should be – natural. Gone are the days where we are structured, manicured and followers. Born are the people who are free spirits in thinking and in spirit. Try it, just be you for a change and lead yourself into something that feels beautiful and natural. The time is now peeps.

Photo credit: BoHo Homes

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What Do Virtual Color Consultations Look Like?

Hi everyone! I’d like to show you a glimpse into my virtual world. Here is a graphic that I designed for a recent client. She had a very large home, 10,000 square feet to be exact and here, I break it down for you room by room.

This is a graphic that I designed. It has a photo of the space that needs new color and I included the color names and placement for that room. It’s so easy!

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Welcome To My Home Bar!

Turn that unless room in your home into a place and space where you’ll actually spend some time. Welcome to my home bar.

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Virtual Color Consultations Now on ZOOM

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How Do I Paint A Room That Has Crazy Angles?

Take charge of the room, don’t let the room take charge of you. See all those angles? Don’t let that intimidate you. I have many clients that have rooms such as this one and to keep it easy, I say paint the entire room one color. I’m not a huge fan of white ceilings to begin with so let’s keep it simple.

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10 Ways The Coronavirus Will Have You Rethinking Your Home Design

When we are forced to stay home for our safety, our home suddenly takes on a new impression. When every day now feels like a Saturday, how does your home feel to you? What would you change or wish you had? What would you wish you didn’t have? I’ll share my thoughts with you.

1 – NETFLIX: First of all, I’d like to thank Netflix. Since I work from home, Netflix has always been my saving grace. I rarely, if ever, watch regular TV because I can’t stand all the commercials. On any ordinary day before COVID-19 reared its ugly face, I basically stuck to a schedule and “tried” to save Netflix time for my at-home lunch break somewhere around noon. I’d hit the PAUSE button until my office work was done and was able to resume Netflix from any given device. That is heaven to me. Having said that, this brings me to the next home resign element.

2 – THE SOFA. I thank GOD that I purchased two new sofas about two years ago. It’s big, soft, and I can fully stretch out with room to spare. My feet don’t even come close to the armrest and I’m 5’5”. Talk about comfort. Allelujah. Allelujah. Allelujah! Ok before I say too many Allelujah’s, there one thing about the sofa that I’d like to tweak, and that brings me to #3.

3 – SNACK TABLES. Will someone PLEASE make a decent TV tray, snack table, whatever you want to call it. Yes, we are having more of our meals on our sofa as we watch TV. My biggest complaint here? The TV tables I have now look like something off the Roseanne show and I can’t go shopping to replace them at this time. It’s bad enough I’m dining on my sofa which has YUK written all over it but the TV tables just make it worse. They are wobbly, ugly and it’s awkward to eat in a semi proper manner because of how soft the sofa is and how high the tables are.

4 – VINYL PLANK FLOORING – Last year I replaced ALL the nasty flooring on the first floor on my home with vinyl plank. I can’t tell you enough how this was a saving grace. First off, I can’t stand 12×12 ceramic tile in the kitchen or anywhere in the house. Grout is the work of the devil because it always looks dirty and tile is just cold to the touch which is horrible on those chilly mornings. This flooring looks like wood, feels like wood and IMO, is better than wood. It doesn’t scratch, fade when the southern sun is beaming on it and talk about easy to clean! I have five cats and I sweep every other day. I shudder to think what I WASN’T picking up when I had nasty area rugs or tile because I couldn’t see it. Look at that flooring – pretty darn awesome don’t you think? I know you’re probably thinking real wood is better. No, it’s not. Have a dog? Bet you have tons of scratches on your precious wood. Have fun refinishing that.

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