Color Quickie: Feeling Blue In The Bedroom?

Honestly, most people do, and it’s no surprise. Blue is still the number one color for the bedroom, and it’s for a very restful reason. Like the elements we find so calming, blue can be found there – from the sky to the sea.

number one color for the bedroom

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Two Sexy Colors That Will Make You Never Want To Leave The Bedroom

sexy color

Our bedrooms definitely need to be a place of rest and coziness, but when you think about it, the bedroom also needs to be a bit sexy. How can we achieve this? With color of course!

I’m diving right in with two colors that for me, are HOT, HOT, HOT! One is a deep, rich red, almost like a dark cherry yet still showing enough red without getting too dark.

And dark? Yes! I LOVE a mysterious, dark eggplant color for the bedroom. Nothing says sexy than a color that draws your eyes into the pigment of the wall so your imagination can go wild.

Steamy yet? Good! That was the idea! I painted, no pun intended, a very sexy feeling for the bedroom describing just two colors. Now the thing that I would NOT do is paint the ceiling and trim white. That would totally undo all the sexiness that these two colors created. Instead, try a color that is earthy and will let these colors be the main event in the room. Make your ceiling and trim disappear rather than standing out.

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Which Colors Can Trigger Memories?

color and memories

Colors and memories seem to go hand-in-hand. Look at this color palette I created and see what comes to mind. At first glance, what do you feel? Does it remind you of a parent, an aunt, or a grandparent? Does it remind you of visiting someone’s home? Does it remind you of a vacation that you had? Remind you of a friend’s house?

It’s a challenge to look at a color and not have something recalled to a memory. Hopefully, most memories are pleasant when you look at colors in those other colors that you should bring into your home.

Remember, color represents either a chakra, a memory, a feeling, or some thought that may hide in your subconscious. Color can be very complicated, so when choosing color for your home, tap into how you feel about your color choices before committing them to paint.


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What Is The Best Color For Someone Who Has A Broken Heart?

Pink is probably the first color that comes to mind when you think about repairing the heart. Dive a little deeper into the heart space and see what color may work better. Green is the color of the heart chakra and when the heart is broken, go right to the source and infuse it with its own color. Use any shade of green you feel drawn to. Set your intentions to heal.

heal with green

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What Color Should A Brewery Be?

Now we’re talking fun color! I don’t know about you but when I go out for a drink, I want my surroundings to be cozy and comfortable. There were times I left a brewery, even a restaurant because it was painted white and I could just not relax or feel comfortable there.

So what color should a brewery be? Let’s talk comfy colors. Like a warm plate of macaroni and cheese that we find oh so comforting, the places we dine at should also feel like that. 

brewery colors Continue reading

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What Color Should I Paint My Living Room When My Floor is Too Orange?

Oh, that dreaded orange floor! Easy – go right to the color wheel for this one. Find orange and look at its opposite color, which is blue. These two colors really belong together.

perfect blue living room

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How Do I Choose A Color For My Bedroom?

Simple! To tie in the look of your bedroom, choose one color either from the bedding or drapery. Chose a lighter color for the main walls and a darker color if you have an area for an accent wall.

bedroom color


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Color and Cards: A New Service

My new service! It combines my life as a psychic medium and color expert.

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New Service! Color and Cards

I’ve combined my spiritual path as a psychic medium with my design career and given myself the tag #FromColorToTheCosmos. Coming soon, I’ll be offering a one-card reading along with a healing message – and a great color palette of course! Keep an eye out for these great insights! See a sample reading below.

color and cards Continue reading

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Do Crystals Inspire Your Color Choices?

When I design holistic and healing color palettes for the home, I often use crystals for inspiration. Does anyone else incorporate crystals into their color choices for the home? If so, which crystals do you use? I also love amethyst which is not shown in this photo.

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