What Color Should I Paint My House If I’m Going To Sell It?

Should you paint your house beige? Gray? White? These are the popular choices but which one is the best choice to sell your home quickly?

Let’s explore your choices.

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How Can Orange Tap Into The Sexy Side Of My Life?

We all want to experience pleasures in life both physical and emotionally. Based on the colorful Chakra system, this Benjamin Moore color, believe it or not, will help get you there.


What brings you pleasure in life? Dancing? Singing? Dining out with your partner? Your partner?

Those are all very physical aspects of tapping into the Sacral Chakra, which is orange, and really connecting to those feel good things in life.

As I mentioned in my first post about the Root Chakra, when a Chakra is out of balance, your body will let you know. What are the signs and symptoms of your Sacral Chakra being out of balance? Well for one, your relationships with both self and others, will be affected.

Here’s more:

  • you’re a bit unsocial
  • you may have issues with your reproductive areas
  • you may feel that you don’t deserve pleasure in your life
  • you have frequent urinary track infections
  • relationships don’t last long
  • you have trouble expressing your feelings
  • you’ve lost your creative mojo

The Sacral Chakra is located just below your navel (naval oranges like this Chakra, are orange.) All the body parts in that area will be affected by this Chakra.

Ok! Let’s tap into the awesome pleasures in life and get this Chakra balanced. You guessed it, it starts with orange.

Orange is a very difficult color to bring into the home. Have no fear, there is a simple way around this.

Like I mentioned in the Root Chakra post, you can easily begin to balance this Chakra out but setting your intentions on it’s color. For the Sacral, wear orange clothes, eat orange food and if you’re into crystals, work with the ones that have an orange hue.

Now for the home, I don’t know about you but I don’t like orange. Having said that, I LOVE Spicy Orange, Cinnamon and Peach.  Any shade of orange will work. Thank god right? Here are some suggestions:


I just realized it now but I have a burnt orange sofa in my Art Studio. The Sacral Chakra is not only known as the “sexy Chakra” or the Chakra that focuses on our emotional and sensual life but it’s always represent creativity big time! It’s a very unique Chakra.

No wonder my mind goes wild in my art studio! I have too much orange in there but, that could be a good thing since I paint most of the time.

So to work this Chakra and orange into your home, add those spicy hues throughout and set your intentions to add pleasure into your life whether it’s from a fun hobby or spending time with someone you love.

I bet you’ll never look at orange the same way now, this is good because you deserve the best in life. Enjoy life, enjoy color and most of all, enjoy you!

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Be Careful Choosing Colors If You Have A Home With An Open Floor Plan

Have a home with an open floor plan? The colors in this type of home should all have the same undertone.

These colors should transition well from room to room, softly and unnoticed yet adding definition with color to define your spaces.

floor plan

• • NOTE: Be careful when choosing gray for your home which is one of my color peeves. Most homes have tile, granite and flooring with warm undertones. When someone who doesn’t have full knowledge of color and chooses a cool gray, this will horribly clash in your home leaving it with an “off” feeling. There are SO many grays, make sure you have the right one for your home or better yet, choose a warm, holistic hue.

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How Can Red Help Heal Back Pain?

Red is a very high energy color, full of passion and a color that most of us don’t have in the home because if it’s intensity. Now other than this Benjamin Moore color being a power color, red has the ability to help heal your body and it starts with your lower body. Have back pain? Red to the rescue!

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Revitalize Your Home With Color!

Spring Home Improvement will be here before you know it. The fastest way to revitalize your home is with color. Let’s dive into REAL color and continue to make 2019 exciting!


How awesome would these colors look with fresh white trim, maybe some bead-board if you’re going country or a nice new wood floor?

I’ll be doing some home improvements in my house in a few weeks. My color is good but I’ll be getting new flooring for downstairs and new carpet for upstairs.

The thing to remember about revitalizing your home is color of course. Whether it’s wall color or flooring, make sure your color palette works well together.

Do you want it to energize like this one does or do you want it to be neutral?

Plan out your colors and unite the feeling in your home. Uplift it with color and try some hues that you’d normally wouldn’t gravitate towards.

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Talk About Having Classic Color For Your Home

You don’t get any more classic than the Mona Lisa. Are you drawn to art? There are so many artist from Monet the master of impressionism to Leonardo da Vinci having painted the best known portrait in the world! How cool would it be explaining to your friends and family how you designed the color palette for your home? Want a little Mona Lisa on your walls? Here you go!



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Art To Color Palette: An Easy Way To Design Color For Your Home

This is one of my favorite ways to develop a color palette – from art. If you like a particular piece of art, there’s a really good chance it’s because you are drawn to it’s colors.

Here I have an oil painting that I just completed called “Koi Kat.” I LOVE the colors here!



I particularly love the orange and blue together, they of course are complementary and opposite on the color wheel. They just belong together. This is also one of the reasons I choose a blue wall for homes that have a lot of orange tones on their flooring. It just balances all that orange out.

There are still dozens of colors that can be found in this art that we not called out – that chartreuse for one. It too is a great color but would be a challenge to incorporate into the home.

So try something fun. Take one of your art pieces to the local box store and pick 4-5 of your favorite colors from the painting. Match it up to the color chips, bring them home and see how it looks.

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What Color Grout Should I Use If My Home Is All Gray?

Most people think that grout is easy to pick out and usually very little thought goes into choosing it. Well this little detail of grout color can make or break your entire kitchen design.


I had a virtual client purchase a Basic Color Consultation ($85) just so I could help her choose a grout color. With my Basic Consultations, I offer several color options and explain why one color may be better than the other.

Many people say, “I’ll just chose white, it goes with everything” but that would be a mistake. It may work yes but there are other options.

Do you want your grout to be an accent feature? If your home is all gray you’ll need to add some interest somewhere. Black grout may be an interesting feature IF you have your tile designed in a unique pattern.

Keep in mind there are warm grays and cool grays. If you want your grout to blend, make sure you get the undertone correct otherwise it will throw off your entire design.

JUST A NOTE: I never recommend painting or designing an entire home one color let alone gray. It’s not classy, pretty or trendy IMO. I feel this look is a cop-out for people or Designers who struggle to know how to work with color so they just choose gray and hope it all falls in place. I know this statement will get some people mad and that’s ok!

How pretty would it be to have a gray wall, gray tile or granite and perhaps a yellow sofa or color in the drapes? The area rug? The lamps? ANYTHING?

Color is hard for some people and I get that. That is why I’m here to help those who struggle even if it’s for grout color.

Do I like gray? NO but that doesn’t mean I won’t choose it in my virtual designs, I’ll just make sure I introduce other options to the client.

I have to chuckle when I get some emails that start off with “I know you don’t like gray but I was wondering …”. What I like and what needs to be in my clients home are two very different things. BUT I do show them the option of amazing color choices first.

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Move Over Sea Salt, Waterscape Is Your New Competition

Sherwin Williams has some colors that are just top notch and yes, Sea Salt is one of them and has been for a really long time now.  Having said that, Sea Salt now has a new competitor and it’s Waterscape. What’s the different? Come take a look.

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What Does Your Desk Look Like?

You really can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their desk. Is it cluttered? Neat? Sterile? Colorful? Here’s a picture of what mine looks like today. It has a Sherwin Williams color kit on it, some crystals and coffee. So for me, it’s the three C’s – Color, Crystals and Coffee.


I’ve given myself the hashtag #FromColorToTheCosmos which will also be part of the tile form the book I’m writing. It really captures me and my life, from color … to the cosmos.

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