Healing Color For The Home

There are so many colors to choose from for our home. Some colors, do more than just look pretty on the wall. They heal.Healing-colors-for-the-home.001 Continue reading

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What Color Should I Paint My Teen Daughters Room?

Oh that can be tricky and if I were you, I’d let her choose, after all, it’s her room right? Well here are some different color suggestions for her room.


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Where Should You Use Yellow In The Home?

Yellow is not a very popular color choice in the home. I know I’ve only used it a handful of times during my 30+ years of Interior Design. Why is that? Because it’s a high energy color.


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Do You Need “Gentle Waves” In Your Home?

Waves, water, gentle. See the pattern here? This is what the Water Element is all about. Just to refresh your memory, I’ll be talking about the Water Element for the Winter. There are hundreds of blues to choose from but which ones represent the Element of Water? Come see.

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The Best Valspar Color Palette For Your Home

I always loved Valspar colors. I also like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams but in my opinion, Valspar has the best range of colors.

They have the best selection of greens and yellows which are really hard to find. Along with their National Trust Historic Colors, their overall color palette is just perfect for the home. Come see some of my faves.

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Where Should You Put Ice Blue In Your Home?

What is ice? It’s frozen water. Water is the Element that I said I’ll be talking about for the next few months, the Winter months. How does ice relate to you and color?


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Day One Of 2018. What’s In Store?

No photos or fancy posts about color today. I’d just like to thank all of you who have been reading this blog for a while now, I appreciate you!

When you’ve been blogging as long as I have, there’s really no topic that has not been talked about before. It’s still always going to be about color but the focus here is staying with the Holistic approach.

I am still trying to stay away from the commercialism of color and not follow the crowd. I have some great ideas to incorporate the Elements in with color and that is an amazing way to decorate your home. I guess you can say it’s along the lines of Feng Shui but honestly, that is one direction I never studied. It just didn’t resonate with me.

What resonates with me is how colors feel in the home. Each person is different and will need a certain color palette in their home to make the feel comfortable. Talking about the Elements will do just that.

Since I live in Charlotte, NC, I am currently in the Winter Season and like I said in a previous post, the Element is now Water. This means I’ll be talking about ALL shades of blue and how to get this Element into your home.

If you look at the top of my blog you’ll see that I have another blog called Angel Hug 2:34 If you’ve read that, you’ll also know that I am a Medium. What’s that mean? In a nutshell, it means that my senses are crazy sharp. How do I tie this into color? Well again getting that nutshell out, it’s one reason my Virtual Color Designs are so successful. I have sharpened insights and can tap into a layer of knowing that really helps this process. I will slowly start combining both these blogs which is where my Facebook hashtag comes in, #FromColorToTheCosmos. This will really expand these posts to a whole new and fresh level.

So join me in 2018 and let’s dig deep into color and dig deep into you. Let me know how you feel about color in your home and allow me to tap into that space to get you the RIGHT color for your home.



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Note How Blue Feels In Your Home

Be mindful of how the color blue feels to you. It cleans, replenishes, hydrates and calms. Use this feeling, yes I said feeling, in your home. This is all about the Water Element.


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Introducing WATERY SW 6478 to Represent the Element of Water

For those of us in the States and are in the season of Winter, we are also in the Element of Water. What does this mean? SO SO much and I will be digging deep into it until Spring time.

Sherwin-Williams has a wonderful color called WATERY SW 6478 and it’s just perfect to capture this Element for the home.

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2018 I’ll Be Digging DEEP Into Color

As I wake up this Christmas morning I feel a wonderful shift in energy and it’s nothing short of magical. I’m inspired to move forward with my Spiritual path and digging deep into Mother Earth, the Elements. As information comes to me I am journaling and this level of guidance is nothing short of excitement, clarity and oneness. I can’t wait to share with you.

2018 will be digging deep into YOU. THIS is the feeling that I will be focusing on and showing you how you too can capture feeling into your home by knowing WHY and HOW to use the right colors in your home. Decorating by Donna will be different this year – and it’s going to be awesome!


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