How To Design Color Palettes Using Just a Floor Plan

And this is how I design color for my Virtual Clients – if I’m lucky enough to get a floor plan. Color and arrows to show placement makes this virtual process EXTREMELY easy to design and more importantly, easy for my clients to follow.


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The BEST Benjamin Moore Yellow

It’s really hard to find a good yellow and I think I finally found one. Look at the graphic and see all the power words I have there. How can you NOT like a color when it makes you feel like that?


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Virtual Exterior Color Palettes Just $125

It’s that time of year when people are starting to spruce up their home. Worried about color? No need to! I’m offering an Exterior Color Palette for just $125. This is the type of graphic you’ll receive. Taking appointments starting April 9th.



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The Spring Season Is A Good Time to Tap Into Wood Tones

Why? If you live in the Northern Meteorological Season, you have just started the spring season. Each season represents an element. Now we start the season of wood and should start brining in these colors and textures into the home.


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It’s Time For New Beginnings

Spring is the perfect time to start fresh, like a clean slate. The colors we see are fresh, new, innocent and inspiring.

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Who Needs Some Lucky Colors For The Home?

Help yourself!



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Crayons Are Way Better Than Squares or Circles!

Just came up with a new presentation for my color palettes. Way better than circles and squares don’t you think?color palette design for the home

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Refresh Your Colors For Spring

Springtime is symbolic of new beginning’s.  With spring home improvements just around the corner now is the time to consider a new color palette.

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It is SO Not A Good Idea To Choose Color On Cloudy Days

I recently had a color consultation and unfortunately it was on a cloudy rainy day. Now I know that this is not the day to choose color for my clients but she was under an extreme tight timeline. So I went ahead with the consult. Needless to say the colors we’re looking mighty gray and dingy as I expected.

In cases like this where I cannot reschedule consult I tell the client that we will go ahead and choose color today but will review them on the next sunny day and make changes as needed.

color tip 1

I have another color consultation today and yes it is cloudy and due to rain any minute. I contacted the client and advised her that it would be best to wait for a sunny day and thankfully she agreed.

You can’t rush choosing color for your home.

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The Best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette For Your Home UPDATED!

How can you update a color palette that’s been working so well? Easy! When a client says, “can you substitute the yellow for a different color? I’m not a fan of yellow.” Well I did just that and the palette is even better! Not many people are a fan of yellow so now, we have another option and I love this one even better actually. Here is the original The Best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette for Your Home, If you’d like this palette or the original, I did the hard work for you and already designed a palette that works. The palettes are $100 each. Email me for details at

the best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color palette for your home updated

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