Evergreen Fog: A Color Of The Heart

I have screen shares to show you about this color that explain WHY you should have it in your home. I’m SOOO excited about Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams and it’s about time a color like this has been chosen. Come hear for yourself and click on the video below.


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Bring On The Orange for Autumn

Oh orange, I have a love/hate relationship with, yet I adore you on so many levels! You are not on the clothes in my closet, sorry but I tried. I chuckle when I see you, noting the connection to an advertisement for a big box store but yet, your softer side, peach is one of my favorite colors.

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Psychic Prediction for Color of The Year for 2022

predictions for 2022Sometimes my intuition even freaks me out. I’m going to write about “Color Of The Year for 2022” and since last night, I gave it a lot of thought. I knew I had to put my thinking cap on for this one because I’ve been doing color forecasting for so long. As I started up my computer I was thinking that next year, we all need a clean slate, like a reset for oh so many things. I picked up my #SherwinWilliams paint deck and flipped through until I saw a color that I was drawn to – and it happened to be called CLEAN SLATE!

Now I am 100% against the color gray but on some level, this color feels right. This light, clean crisp gray with a cool undertone is just what we all need.

Like the shimmer of a night star, we look to the skies for guidance, let’s bring that feeling into the home.

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The Magic Of Color Booklet by Donna Frasca

What is magic? What is color? You can look these words up in the dictionary, and they will be defined, but these words must be experienced to understand how they relate. Join me in this 16-page downloadable PDF of how I perceive the magic of colors.

color for mind  body and spirit

Whenever I watch a Harry Potter movie, I feel like I want to be in that scene, flipping my wand around and saying words that magically change things with just a thought. The world of magic to me seems so fascinating, and somehow in my mind, I feel like I too have magic powers to change the world.

Do we really have magic powers, or is our imagination just a fun tool that lets us escape into that world when we need to?

I invite you to step into my world of color. Here is a 16-page PDF you can download it HERE  and enjoy!

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Seasonal Affective Disorder: Which Colors Will Help Ease the Symptoms of Depression?

Labor Day weekend means the end of summer and the beginning of fall. For most, this is an exciting time of temperature changes and upcoming holidays, but for many, it’s a season of depression. Come see how changing the colors of your entire home can help ease the symptoms that those winter months can bring on.

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Color Forecast for 2022: Tap Into Kundalini Consciousness

For 2022, we’ll be tapping into our feelings and insights, we simply HAVE to. Fully opening our Kundalini, the colors we choose for our home will be about energy and consciousness. If we aren’t at that place by 2022, you’ve so missed the ship. 

It’s never too soon to talk about colors for next year. This post is difficult to put into a visual, this is a start. Here I have a painting that I did a few years back when I really started to wake up. Colors had new meaning, insights were coming in fast and furious and the things that I used to find normalcy in no longer resonated with me. This was a very odd feeling and one that took me a while to process.

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Colors That Go With Yellow

It’s a challenge to find the perfect buttery yellow let alone colors that go with it. Here I have a color palette for sale that shows you four colors that would be the perfect partners with yellow. Don’t guess when it comes to choosing colors for your home, I’m here to help! Email DecoratingByDonna@mac.com to purchase these colors.

colors that go with yellow


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When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Buy Pink Lipstick

Hey, you gotta do whatever works right? Color Therapy does it for me!

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Color To The Rescue To Calm The F Down

Wow, this was a 911 in color! I got my hose in a twist tonight, and there’s nothing that calms me down faster than color. This is how healing it is! I tried looking in paint decks to get names and couldn’t find the colors I was looking for, so I just made them up. I’m sure these colors exist somewhere in most decks, but for now, they are in my mind, and they are helping. Isn’t it weird how some people turn to a bottle, a smoke, or food to calm, and I turn to color. This is why I keep telling you all how very powerful color is. It saved me tonight from overeating, drinking too much, or just staying angry.

911 color to the rescue


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Five Mind Soothing Colors

These colors can instantly invoke calmness and serenity for your mind. These soothing hues are delicate and have an incredibly calming effect for your mind and your spirit and body.

The energy of this color palette is spiritual alignment; no, it’s not about religion but your connection with self and a higher consciousness.

The warm cream color caress the aura; it almost feels like a feather pillow when you look at them.

Of course, the green is earthy, grounding, and takes you to your heart center, which always feels good.

If I were to repaint my home, I would highly consider this color palette.

colors for the mind

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