It is SO Not A Good Idea To Choose Color On Cloudy Days

I recently had a color consultation and unfortunately it was on a cloudy rainy day. Now I know that this is not the day to choose color for my clients but she was under an extreme tight timeline. So I went ahead with the consult. Needless to say the colors we’re looking mighty gray and dingy as I expected.

In cases like this where I cannot reschedule consult I tell the client that we will go ahead and choose color today but will review them on the next sunny day and make changes as needed.

color tip 1

I have another color consultation today and yes it is cloudy and due to rain any minute. I contacted the client and advised her that it would be best to wait for a sunny day and thankfully she agreed.

You can’t rush choosing color for your home.

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The Best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette For Your Home UPDATED!

How can you update a color palette that’s been working so well? Easy! When a client says, “can you substitute the yellow for a different color? I’m not a fan of yellow.” Well I did just that and the palette is even better! Not many people are a fan of yellow so now, we have another option and I love this one even better actually. Here is the original The Best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette for Your Home, If you’d like this palette or the original, I did the hard work for you and already designed a palette that works. The palettes are $100 each. Email me for details at

the best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color palette for your home updated

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The Healing Power Of Green

I have been receiving a lot of requests for colors that heal and this makes me happy to no end. The common thread here is to eliminate gray from the home and replace it with warm, healing colors. These are actual words from clients that I have been receiving in emails.

What is so exciting about green? Green is a nice combination of blue, which is still a favorite color among most people and yellow which is a very warm healing color. Now that interesting fact about blue is that although it’s still crazy popular there are many people that cannot have blue in the home because of certain depression issues that they may be feeling.

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Where Does Sky Blue Belong In Your Home?

Do you have the right colors in your home? This blue represents the color of our Throat Chakra. Throat = Communication. The family room would be a GREAT place for a little chat don’t you think?

decorating with the colors of the throat chakra

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How To Choose Color For Open Floor Plans

Choosing the right colors for an open floor plan can be challenging. Here I made up a little plan for you to follow. I’ll show you how it works.

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5 Signs That You Chose The Wrong Paint Color In Your Home

Yea I know it’s not easy choosing paint colors for your home. I remember it took me two weeks just to choose my dining room color and I do this for a living! Right? Crazy I know. So anyway, let’s jump right in and talk about 5 signs that you possible chose the wrong paint color for your home.

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If Angels Were A Color, What Would It Look Like?

If Angels were a color, that would depend on what YOU see. However, here is what they may FEEL like.



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Stressed? Think Pink-ish

Sometimes just looking at a color calms – this one does it for me and it’s actually very close to my office color. Feel stressed? Think pink with a touch of lavender in it. Now keep in mind – you don’t have to run and paint your wall this color but certainly have it in the home somewhere – maybe clothes or decor.


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How Do We Know What Colors Help Us Heal? By Tapping Into Our Emotions

I received an interesting comment from my post Hospitality Hues; What Color Will Help Us Heal. I’m going to share his comment with you then explain how you can find these healing hues. Come join me.

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And THIS Is How Important Color Is In My Life

JOURNAL POST: When The White Of Winter Gets To Be Too Much

I thought I’d add a more personal side of me in this blog, I hope you don’t mind. I’d like to share some posts that are more so journal posts and yes, they will all have to do with color.

Color is such a HUGE part of my life and I really love how the holistic and healing aspect of color is rolling nicely into this blog. I’m getting a lot of requests for healing hues and this my friends, makes me happy.

Having said that, I’d like to share with you, my thoughts and feelings on a much deeper level when it comes to color.

Starting today, you’ll occasionally see a more journal posts so I hope they resonate with you as well.


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