The Best Valspar Restful Colors For Your Home

I do love Valspar colors! I designed this color palette for those who need a nice, restful color palette; I do believe I achieved it with this!

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Color For My Home

It’s a simple statement but has a rather complicated follow-up. How do we get color for our home at this point? Do we want an expensive designer to come to our home? Do we have time to take off from work to allow for hours of a color consultation? Can we hide our family away so we can be fully present for a color consultation? The answer to all of these questions is no. How do we work around this dilemma? With a qualified designer who works 100% virtual, that’s how. 

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Which Color Gives Positive Energy In A Home?

I’m all about having positive energy in the home, but how do we know which color has positive energy?  I love that this room has butterfly art; that’s already a great start. Let’s keep that energy going and discuss a color matching that vibe.

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My Dream Home Dream, Came True! Log Cabin LOVE

My dream has come true! I felt in my soul that before I leave this earth, I would live in the mountains in a log cabin. My wish has come true, and we just bought this beauty!

Although it came fully furnished, I will put my finishing touches on it and call it my own.

I have one bedroom called the Cranberry Room, where it’s all about the red accents, and cranberry decor, of course. The other room is going to be the Mushroom Room where it’s more earthy and will have mushroom decor.

How fun is this?

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Which Colors Are Best For My Home?

There are so many great colors out there, and my favorite picks are from Valspar. I worked with Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore over the years, but hands down, Valspar has the better selection of colors, and I have them in my home.

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How Do I Plan A Color Scheme For My House?

Cranberries. Yes! That is how you start. Pick a “theme” you like and just roll with it. This is a  room that I’m designing for my new log cabin in the mountains, and the theme of the room is cranberries. Let’s talk about how color rolls into that.

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How Do You Coordinate House Colors?

When it comes to coordinating color for your home, try to view your home from above. This will help you visualize how the colors will flow from room to room.

coordinating color for your home

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Does Your Bedroom Scream For Color?

Don’t play it safe when it comes to color for your bedroom. Have fun and choose colors that bring your room alive! Let me show you three colors that will make your bedroom happy.

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Need Color For Your Home? Placement is Key

When you’re looking for color palettes for your home, you can literally find them anywhere on the web. BUT, they do not suggest placement for those colors, and that’s where this process can go horribly wrong. 

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The Best Paint Colors Combinations To Inspire Your Kids To Learn About Color

Color is more than just pigment on the walls. It is a perpetual coloring book that introduces our children to learn about their world. Everything around them has color, so when they’re young, it’s the time to tell the story about colors.

Here I have just four colors highlighted. These are the colors that I recommend to kickstart your kids into the wonderful world of color.

the best colors

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