Can Color Be Taught?

Many people have asked me “why don’t you teach a class about how color relates to the mind, body, and spirit?” The answer is simple. Color is like a fingerprint. Even though we have the basic colors of the chakras along with all the other colors in the world, color is going to be interpreted based on intuition and experiences. How can anyone person teach THAT?

How Is Teaching Color Like A Fingerprint?

To me, color is an experience much like how a woman learns how to be a mom, through experience. Yes, we all know the basics but the depth of color knowledge takes a lifetime to learn let alone teach.

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Which Color Connects You To The Earth Element?

Connecting to the Elements, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Metal are key to living here on Earth. Similar to following your zodiac signs, astrology or the moon phases, these Elements are here to help guide us.

I’ve learned over the years to work WITH nature and not against her. Why swim upstream when you can just go with the flow? Yes, working with the Elements can do that.

Today as I continue to work on my book, yes I’m writing a book called “From Color To The Cosmos: Inside The Mind Of A Medium” and like life, the Elements fold into this as well. How?

I always go about my day based on how I feel. I write posts here based on how I feel and live my life, based on how I feel. How do I feel you ask? Earthy and grounded.

Brown is the color of the earth from dirt to tree bark. You don’t have to like this color brown, chose one you like – think coffee and chocolate. Like those browns better? Yea me too!

Portabello SW 6102 - Sherwin-Williams

The color of the earth element and connection.

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What Are The Colors Of MY Soul?

After being in the Interior design field for over 30 years it seems like I’ve written about everything under the sun when it comes to color for the home. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, what about me? What about my colors? My soul? My home? I’m ready to switch things up a bit here and talk about what my soul has to do with all this, from color to the cosmos.

Donna Frasca Intuitive

It’s funny, as time goes on it’s not so much about how much money can I make this week or what can I do for you but it’s searching for the things in life that soothe the soul. And it feels good. My skin fits well.

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Libra: What Colors Should You Have In Your Home?

Ok, Libra! Ready to know what colors you should have in your home? You may be naturally intuitive and already have them but let’s dig a little deeper and find out exactly what they are. Ready? Let’s find out.


From September 23 to October 23 you Libra, are all about balance. What better colors to hold your balance than black and white?

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What Colors Will Be Popular Fall of 2019?

Hands down, I say earthy colors to the core. Why? When life starts to spin and spin, the best thing to do is to ground. The quickest way to do that besides a good meditation is with color. I SO feel that earthy hues and going to be HUGE this fall and I can’t wait to see it!

Here Comes the Earthy Hues!

The quickest way to ground is with color.

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4 Colors That Will Make You Smile

Well if you’re a grouchy pants today I have good news! I’m going to show you four colors that will bring a smile to your face. These colors may not be ones that you’d typically use in your home but you should definitely consider incorporating them somehow. Let’s see how you can use these colors to start those smiles.

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Ghostly Colors Of The Cemetery

I know this is weird but look how beautiful a cemetery can be! Cool grays and slate blues will be hauntingly beautiful for your home. This picture was taken that the Cumberland Cemetery in St. Mary’s Georgia.

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Bad Staging: Put The Seat Down!

Quick post here. Seriously, I can’t believe that I saw this on a real estate sight “staged.” This was actually one of the better pictures, the other ones looked like the family still lived in the home. There was clutter all over the home, beds barely made, paint color that even I cringed at and the easiest thing to fix, a toilet seat that was up. Come on people!

Bad Staging!

It’s a minor detail when you consider that this bathroom will need to be repainted but please, put the seat down!


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Coral Is A Great Color To Wear and To Have In The Home

Sometimes I give my paintbrushes a rest (yes I am an Artist too) and pick up the camera. I actually have two amazing cameras I should really start using them!

Anyway, as my mind always races and sees color everywhere I go, a camera is good to have to capture a thought or color that I just love. Here, you see shades of coral. Coral is one of my favorite colors to wear because it looks great on just about every skin tone.


Coral Cone Flower

Coral looks great both as a color to wear and to have in the home.

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Is Cloud White A Good Color For The Home?

Do we really want pure white in the home? I know softer whites such as Cloud White by Benjamin Moore bring coziness into the home that can be felt on many levels. What can Cloud White do for your home?

Cloud white by Benjamin Moore is a great color choice for trim

Cloud white is not too white and not too yellow, it’s just right to warm up the feeling in your home.

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