Colors To Reduce Headaches

We all have the power to self-heal. How do we start? With color. When you look at the three colors below, how do you feel? Inhale, exhale and look again.self healing colors
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How Can I Get Professional Color For My Home?

Virtual color expert Donna Frasca is trained to do just that. She can choose colors for your home without being in your home. This is the best part of her virtual color service

Hi everyone! I’m Donna, and I would like to take this opportunity to explain my virtual color service to you a little bit better. 

First of all, please look at all the hyperlinks in this blog post; they will give you a lot of information and save me from writing a novel here; I like to keep things short and sweet because I know your time is important.

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Colors You Just Have To Feel

As a hyper-sensitive person, I can feel colors. When you look at some colors, you might say, “Oh, I don’t like that color,” because it doesn’t FEEL right to you for whatever reason. Sometimes you look at colors and say, “Oh, how beautiful” because it makes you feel good inside or perhaps recall a pleasant memory as you look at it.  Like emotions, colors also can bring out the way we feel. Here are some must-have colors that feel good! Note how you feel when you look at them.

colors that feel good

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10 Things to Know and Understand About Color

Color is a very personal journey, and I’m sharing ten thoughts for you to consider when you choose color for your home.

10 things to know about color
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What Is Your Favorite Color?

favorite color

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Virtual Color For Your Home

How can you get virtual color for your home? It’s what I specialize in. I love designing color palettes, but what about people who need help with color placement? I’m here to help.

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Can Colors Make You Cry?

YES! I know that sounds silly, but we’re talking about feelings, emotions, and memories here. 

When I design color palettes for my clients, this is the first thing that I concentrate on – how will my clients FEEL when they see their new colors? I literally have to get inside their  heads to be able to tap into that.sad colors Continue reading

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Colors That Belong Together

The other day I was watching TV and saw some colors that caught my eye. They were very similar to these two. The coral was cool and saturated, and the gray was crisp and clean. I had to write about them!

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The Magic Of Color; A Downloadable PDF

Color has always played an essential role in my life. From the time I held my first crayon when I was just a wee one to the present day as I design my virtual holistic color palettes for my business as an Intuitive Color Specialist and Psychic Medium.

I invite you to enjoy this 16-page booklet that talks about some colors and how certain hues can help and heal your mind, body, and spirit. It is an interactive booklet, and I provide some simple exercises for you to do to better connect with color and yourself. You can purchase ($14) and download the booklet HERE.

the magic of color


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What Colors Go With Raspberry Blush?

Raspberry Blush is a pretty color, but what other colors will go with it? Look at colors that you wouldn’t normally consider partnering up with Raspberry Blush. I like these colors because they are unique, colorful, and just feel good! 

Most Designers will go with creams, neutrals, and grays to pair up with this delicious color. Me? I’m going for some fun colors that will impact your home. If you’d like to purchase these colors for $65, fill out the form below.

what colors go with raspberry blush



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