Paint Colors To Help Depression

Let’s connect color with objects just for a moment. Here we have some crystals that are visually soothing. Warm peach, creamy yellow, and a watery blue.

GOLD: I know from first-hand experience that most gold hues are very uplifting. I HIGHLY recommend using it somewhere in the home, just one room. This could be the room to recharge your mind and soak up the healing hues that gold has to offer. Think sun, warm sand under your feet, healing crystals, and even the hues of honey. Once you reprogram your mind and associate colors with objects that make you happy, you’ll be on the road to self-healing.

PEACH: Sure I’m an 80’s girl but I still think peach has gotten a bad wrap over the years and it shouldn’t. I KNOW how this color feels, I had it in one of my bedrooms, and its innocence and heartfelt vibes will for sure lift your spirits. I don’t ever recommend colors unless I experience them myself. Think this color is too feminine? You can pair it up with so many colors to tone that down, try some darker colors like brown or greens to take the feminine edge off of it.

BLUE: I feature Raindrop in this graphic. Be careful when using blues; they should be crisp, clean, and hear again, color that reminds you of something happy and uplifting.  I love my crystal collection and really connect to their colors of course. Collect crystals that resonate with you. Keeping them in your pocket and looking at them thought-out the day can be an instant way to uplift and clear your mood. Yes, crystals can do that!

healing depression with color

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today is a good day to bring green into the home. 

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What Is A Basic Virtual Design?

What is a Basic Virtual Design? This service is perfect if you need color suggestions for one room – three-color suggestions are in that design. For example, if you like blue for a room but not sure which blue, based on the photo you send me I’ll suggest my top three best blues for that space. Or, based on the photo you provide, I recommend my top three colors that I think will look best. The price was $85 and is not just $65. Just in time for Spring Home Improvements.

virtual design

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Still The Best Coastal Color Palette For Your Home

There are certain color palettes that are timeless and this is one of them. Even though this is a Benjamin Moore color palette, it can be transposed to any paint company you want! Email Donna Frasca at for details.


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How Does A Virtual Color Consultation Work?

Since Covid, there’s nothing easier, safer, and more affordable than a virtual color consultation.

I say “easier” because this process is done all via your email. There is no need to take time off from work and family to allow for 2 hours of design time in your home.

I say “affordable” because I basically have one price for 2021. It’s $300, more if your home is over 3,000 sq feet. If I were to come to your home, I’d have to add in for time, driving, gas, and then office work. Virtuals cut out all of that except office work.

I say “safe” because, for one, since Covid, we’ve all gotten a little on edge about meeting up with people in a confined area. Also, I’ve had some experiences with some undesirable clients where my safety was in jeopardy. 

What to expect from a virtual?

  • Send me pictures of the rooms in your home you want to paint, ID the room in the subject via email.
  • tell me what paint brand you’d like to use and what colors you’d like to avoid.

I send graphics like this one for each room in the home. The graphic will include the name of the color and where it goes. After I receive photos and you answer the questions, a link to PayPal along with a quote will be provided. Once that is paid in full, we can begin.

Virtual color consultations take time especially if your home is larger than 3,000 sq. feet. If you are in a fast time frame, I will certainly work with you. If you ever have any questions, feel free to stop and ask at any time during this process. I will ask you if I have questions as well. I work around what you need. Communication is key in this process and to make it a whole lot easier, I am available to speak with you on phone or via ZOOM

I look forward to working with you!

virtual color

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Color Expert Donna Frasca Talks About Intuitive Color

2021 is about lightening your mood and lifting your spirits. As a Color Expert for over 30 years, it’s my passion! Let’s start spring with new colors, new attitudes, and new energy for the mind, body, and spirit. I can help! Published in Tri•W•News.Color Expert Donna Frasca


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How Can Blue Be Protective, Cleansing and Healing?

Color can be healing as you know but how can it be protective and cleansing? Let’s take a closer look at aquamarine and see how it all fits into healing.

healing color Continue reading

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How To Heal Anxiety With Color and Essential Oils

Anxiety is present in so many lives. Are we done with it? I say yes! It won’t be an easy journey but a necessary one. Let’s take back our lives and start feeling good again! Let’s start with color.

I’ve been getting so many requests for colors that heal and feel good in the home. THIS is what 2021 will be about – holistic healing.

heal with color

At this point, we’ve become aware the big Pharma is so not to be trusted as far as helping us heal. Do we need medicine? Of course, we do, but first, let’s try to heal ourselves. Today, I’d like to talk about how these colors and essential oils can help.

2020 was about stillness and going within to process what is going on in the world. More importantly, we thought about what’s going on within ourselves. We sat in stillness as we stayed home way too long and overthought so much. Our minds became our worst enemy. This needs to change.

I’ve posted about healing anxiety with color before using soothing hues like pinks and soft greens, which are fine. Those colors promoted stillness and calming to help ease our emotions. Now it’s time to take it up a notch and infuse your body with energy.

Here I have some very energetic colors that would be perfect to put a little, or a lot, of pep into your step. Do you like these colors? Perhaps not, but on a sub-conscience level, it’s what our body needs to FEEL and SEE right now.

I don’t claim to be a doctor, but I do know what anxiety feels like. Sometimes you have to jump right in and do the opposite of what you feel like doing to rid your body of those emotions. I’ve been sitting in gray days for weeks now, both weather and emotions, and I’m done! As soon as the sun (yellow) comes out today, I will be outdoors all day basking in its warmth and color.

I will say this, going out in nature is so very important I can’t even begin to tell you. As a psychic medium, my spiritual journey is very complicated, and when my thoughts get scrambled in the sun, I go. Magically, I feel better in minutes.

The color I have here I also have in my home on some level. The spicy orange is a fantastic color. It feels good; it’s comforting and helps balance our sacral chakra. Our chakras are essential to us feeling better; keep them healthy!

Like I mentioned about the sun, Yellow is probably the #1 color to soak up right now. Do I have it in my home? No, and I can’t wear yellow either, but I will use the sun as that substitute. It doesn’t matter where you get your color from as long as you visualize it somewhere, either outside your home or inside.

Green, as you may know from this blog, is my favorite color. I have it flooded on the inside of my home, and of course, it’s everywhere outside. Please use these colors!

If you like essential oil, I highly recommend this blend. Either buy them separately from your favorite company. I can grow lemongrass in my yard, and it’s not only a great plant that looks great; you can use it for cooking.

Stay with these colors and essential oils for peace for your mind, body, and spirit.

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What Rugs Go With Sea Salt?

Sea Salt remains to be a very popular color. Why? Because it’s fairly neutral meaning that it can go with so many other colors. It’s a nice cross between blue and green and it has a very obvious coastal appeal. Here is a few examples of area rugs that will go with Sea Salt. You can of course keep it neutral or come in with some contrast.

sea Salt decor

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Waterscape by Sherwin Williams; Can I Use It on My Cabinets?

Waterscape SW 6470 is a great color but will it work on cabinetry? Yes and no. The surrounding decor will be key to how this works.

Today I’m sharing an email with you from one of my virtual clients. She loves Waterscape but wants to know if she should paint her kitchen cabinets this beautiful watery blue.

Waterscape from Sherwin Williams Continue reading

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