It’s Time To Embrace Your Keepsakes

Spending more time at home? It also happens to be the start of the spring season for many of us, how does that tie in? Spring cleaning, especially those keepsakes.

Now is the perfect time to spruce up your home – a happy home is a happy family! How are you beautifying your home? Here I put out my favorite china and we all should be doing the same.

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Coronavirus And Interior Design

Are you spending more time at home? Home is where the heart is! Now is the best time to spruce up your home but VIRTUALLY. No need to have someone come inside your home, no need for you to take time off from work, and best yet, it’s affordable. My virtual designs are delivered right to your computer, talk about convenience! Come view my video to find out more about it.

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Full Moon, New Season, and Red

I don’t share my energy reports here but felt guided to today. Why? Because energy also has to do with color.

We are SO in the full moon now and here again, it’s The Worm Moon. This is just one name you can call the full moon for the month of March. Since we are coming out of the winter season here in the Northern Hemisphere and entering into spring, now is the time to come out of hibernation. It’s the time when the land begins to show signs of life again and a new start takes place as the season unfolds.

New Season, New Beginnings, New Color

In the northern hemisphere, we are starting the new spring season. Focus on the grounding color of red to keep you centered.

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Freshen Up Your Color For The Spring Equinox March 19th

Spring Equinox is March 19th. Freshen your home with new color, a new energy, and a $50 savings. Get a jump on your spring home improvements.

spring EQUINOX color for your home

Start the new season with new color for your home!

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How To Create A Healing Home With Crystals

A good place to start would be with crystals. It sounds simple, and it is. What I have here are a few things that I love. When you surround yourself with something, you love you instantly create a healing home. Let’s talk about this a little more.

Healing With Crystals

Crystals and, of course, color is a perfect start for the healing home.

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How To Bring Love Into The Home This Valentine’s Day

Love is definitely in the air and now, it can be in your home. One of the main reasons green is my favorite color is because it represents the Heart Chakra. Green is the new color of love, but red of course is pretty awesome too! Come read how this cup of moss can help you connect with yourself.

How To Bring Love Into The Home This Valentine's Day

Green is my favorite color because it represents the Heart Chakra. Bring Love into the home this Valentine’s day!

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Three Centuries Of Colors

I always loved this chart by Benjamin Moore. They all kind of seem similar in variation except for the 1960s sorry but those colors are ugly!

Three centuries of color by Benjamin Moore

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Can A Bedroom Have Bold Color?

They say that a bedroom has to be a subdued color in order for one to sleep and feel relaxed. We do know that’s not 100% true right?

Keep in mind, once we close our eyes it doesn’t matter what color the room is so you might was well make it beautiful! I LOVE this color by BehrPaint It’s fun, youthful and just brings such a great energy to the bedroom. Energy to the bedroom you say? Do we need that? Well yes, we do.

Can a bedroom have bold color?

As we “recharge” and retire in our bedrooms at night, it’s also a time for our minds to be reset. I don’t know about you but I get some amazing ideas and I lie in bed doing nothing. As the body rests the mind recharges. This color, which is Lemon Grass 400B-7 by the way, will help you do that.

Such a great color to change the energy in your bedroom. Try it and feel recharged in the morning.

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When Does Color Need To Be Quiet?

I love green but feel this one is too much for the walls. See how it distracts from the plants? When choosing wall color, sometimes it’s better to have a quiet color (quiet does not mean light and borning) so the decor doesn’t get lost.

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The Perfect Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette For Sale

Take the guesswork out of choosing color for your home. This is one of my most popular color palettes. This is a Benjamin Moore color palette but I can transpose it to another paint company (Valspar or Sherwin Williams) if you wish. The design fee for this palette is $100 and you can purchase it via PayPal. The color names will be delivered to you within 24 hours of purchase.

the best Benjamin Moore coastal color palette

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