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How To Discover Your Color Style

What is your color style? Continue reading

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The Best Valspar Color Palette For Your Home

I always loved Valspar colors. I also like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams but in my opinion, Valspar has the best range of colors. They have the best selection of greens and yellows which are really hard to find. Along … Continue reading

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Color Of The Day: Pink

‪ Don’t think “baby girl” color here. This color is representative of the heart which … is love. Like the yarn, this particular pink teeters between pink and lavender. Doesn’t it give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? When (notice … Continue reading

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Color Palettes To Help Heal ADHD and Depression

We all know that when we see color, it makes us feel a certain way. Blue and green are very calming. Red, yellow, and orange have more energy, pink is relaxing, and purple may make us feel fun and flirty … Continue reading

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