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If I Could Be Gray Just For One Day

Another restless night with thoughts that will not go away. The kids, the pets, the house, health, life, death, elderly parents, the weather … things that were always there and will always be, are just too heavy on my mind. … Continue reading

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Color Cures: What Colors Heal Anxiety?

There are colors to make us happy, calm us, uplift us and then there are special colors that help us heal our emotions. These colors are Color Cures. Come look at this five-minute video that explains how color can help … Continue reading

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How Can Color Make Me Feel Happier?

It’s interesting to watch life unfold. I see a HUGE change in people, the people in my life, since 2020. Instead of getting a softer edge, they’ve become hardened, which is not a good thing. I don’t know how it … Continue reading

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What is the Fastest Way To Heal Anxiety and Stress?

I’ve been posting SO much about this, and I’ve been feeling it too. What do I do? Hone in on soft pastels. Colors that soothe and are easy on the eyes are what works for me. How does this feel … Continue reading

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How To Heal Anxiety With Color and Essential Oils

Anxiety is present in so many lives. Are we done with it? I say yes! It won’t be an easy journey but a necessary one. Let’s take back our lives and start feeling good again! Let’s start with color. I’ve … Continue reading

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How To Ease Anxiety With Color

Just about everyone has some form of anxiety at this point. Just about everyone wants to know how to get rid of it. My suggestion? Color of course! The color choices here will vary depending on the person and their … Continue reading

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The Perfect Colors For Anxiety Relief

There is nothing more soothing than soft, soothing color.

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