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Back To Basics Color

There is nothing better than sitting on the grass, having the sun on your back, and enjoying life. This back-to-basic way of living encourages us to choose colors that enhance that feeling. Feels good don’t you think?

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Get Back To A Classic Christmas

You can’t get any more classic than a Currier and Ives Christmas. It’s the FEELING of going back-to-basics that makes these colors so perfect. Tired of the same blues, grays, creams and Sea Salt colors? Yea, me too!  

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Getting Back To Basics: Tap Into What YOU Love

Yes this is me getting silly and as basic as I get. Our homes should also contain the things that we love and all that feels good to us even it it means tapping into your silly self – to … Continue reading

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The Power of Gold

Need a color to fight the Winter Blues? I highly recommend Gold – not just any gold. Some are too yellow, too green too poopy or just too dated. Keep it fresh, saturated and clean. You’ll know which gold is … Continue reading

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Out With The Old and in With The Right

It happens every year at this time. Reminiscing of the past and looking forward to the future. The clock of Father Time has run out and Baby New Year is ready to step in. It’s a bit sad to see what’s … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Decorating by Donna!

Oh what a year! Always so much to talk about in the world of color right? Oh by the way, have you noticed a change in my blog style? Well I hope you like it because it’s the new me!

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What’s new for Decorating by Donna in 2015

As we approach the end of the year, I like to look back on all the things I wrote about. I’m looking forward to 2015 because I will be changing my focus just a bit. I think I’m done talking … Continue reading

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Color and Cancer

We all know that chemicals and dyes in our foods are bad for us and at this point, lead to cancer right? At least that’s a fairly safe assumption on any level. We eat with our eyes and those colors are … Continue reading

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Back To Basics. What Is This All About?

I’ve been talking a lot about Back-to-Basics, Holistic Colors and Healing Colors. I also noticed a buzz across the social media platforms about going Back-to-Basics. People are asking and wondering what Back-to-Basics is all about. If there is a buzz about … Continue reading

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